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Air Compressor Maintenance

How important is Air Compressor Maintenance?

Who can fix my air compressor?

Ease of air compressor maintenance is crucial when choosing an air compressor. If the air compressor system is going to be serviced in house, choosing a compressor that is less complex will mean that repairs should be simpler and therefore save you money. The more complex the compressor, the more complex the air compressor maintenance  repairs will be.  Should you choose not to service your air compressor in house, Glaston offers a range of affordable air compressor maintenance packages.

Is my compressor easy to maintain?

 Effective air compressor maintenance is crucial in making sure the compressor is working reliably and efficiently. A complex compressor that is difficult to maintain costs money, with downtime and labour costs. Certain air compressors have been specifically designed for easy air compressor maintenance. Our experienced engineers here at Glaston will be able to help you choose a compressor that will be easily maintained.

Air Compressors Warranty

Ensuring you have a comprehensive warranty on your equipment is important. Glaston provides service support for all the compressors that we supply.

Air Compressor Maintenance Checklist  

It is important to refer to your service manual for the recommended maintenance schedule. Accurate air compressor maintenance and operating records are essential for smooth operation.

  • Compressor Prefilters: Check and clean or replace; service frequency relates to conditions in the operating environment.
  • Compressor fluid level: Should be at ‘full’ mark, change according to the manufactures recommendation. DO NOT OVERFILL.
  • Inlet filter cartridges: Remove and clean or replace.
  • Drain Traps: These need checking periodically.
  • Leak Inspection: Piping and flexible joint packings, control lines, control line fittings, clamps and connectors, valves, air pressure safety relief valves and pressure gauge connections.
  • Compressor Cleanliness: maintain in a clean condition; a compressor should never leak fluid.
  • Coolers: Check water quality, flow and temperature in water cooled units; check inlet filters and cooler surfaces on air-cooled models.
  • Belt Condition: Check for wear or damage and re-tension as required.
  • Compressor Temperature: Should be within manufacturer’s limits.
  • Record service and load hours: Systems that record both service and load hours are easier to maintain and troubleshoot.