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Energy Savings

Compressed Air Energy Efficiency

Improving your compressed air energy efficiency is a great way to save money as well as looking after our environment.


To work out your potential annual savings please complete our simple calculator.  A member of our team will be in touch to assist you further.


Are you paying a penalty to generate your compressed air?

Compressed air can be expensive to generate however it is an essential energy source for a modern factory. Most factories use between 15% & 25% of their kWh costs to produce their compressed air. Which therefore reinforces the reason why its so important to make an effective plan to ensure compressed air energy efficiency is being considered. Minimising waste is crucial in compressed air energy efficiency solutions, such as following an effective leak detection plan, or reducing the air compressors pressure. Air compressors are generally set to work on their maximum pressure capacity, but by reducing the pressure slightly, considerable reductions in energy can be made without affecting operations. Compressed air energy efficiency means a reduction of 10% can lead to as much as 5% savings in energy, which is significant when in most plants air compression contributes to the majority of energy costs.

At Glaston we specialise in reducing these costs through compressed air energy efficiency systems and other energy savings solutions.

Saving energy makes good business sense: it saves you money, protects your reputation and helps combat climate change by cutting carbon emissions.

Many companies think of energy as a fixed overhead but saving energy is actually one of the easiest ways to reduce costs and add to your bottom line.

At Glaston we can assist in identifying  energy saving opportunities, and ensuring compressed air energy efficiency. Many of the companies we work with find that even a modest investment in energy saving projects can reduce power bills by 20%. And once the savings exceed the capital amount, they should turn straight into profit. This could happen in as little as 12 months and continue for the life span of the equipment.

Make a change:

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