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Used Equipment

Glaston Compressor Services has one the most extensive selections of used air compressors available anywhere in the UK. For businesses looking for either a cost-effective screw compressor or a refurbished, second-hand air compressor on a temporary or permanent basis, Glaston can provide a solution that’s tailored precisely to your requirements and budget. 

Atlas Copco CD100 Desiccant Dryer

The Atlas Copco CD100 Desiccant Dryer provides you with the clean, dry air you need to extend the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your end product. Part of our compressed air dryer range, these desiccant dryers’ low-pressure dew point of -40°C/-40°F prevents water from entering your products or processes. These air […]

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HPC SK26 Compressor

The HPC SK26 Compressor includes a premium quality airend, featuring Sigma Profile rotors. Part of Glaston’s stock of used air compressors, HPC’s innovative cooling system uses a high efficiency dual flow fan and separate airflow channels for cooling of the 15kW motor, the fluid/compressed air cooler and the control cabinet. While the Sigma Control 2 […]

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HPC SK25 Compressor

Driven by 15kW motor, the HPC SK25 Compressor includes a premium quality airend, featuring Sigma Profile rotors. Part of our stock of compressed air systems, HPC’s innovative cooling system uses a high efficiency dual flow fan and separate airflow channels for cooling of the motor, the fluid/compressed air cooler and the control cabinet. Plus, the […]

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Atlas Copco CD150 Desiccant Dryer

This range of Atlas Copco desiccant dryers includes upsized silencers with integrated safety valves, dewpoint dependent switching and an advanced control and monitoring system. Speak to Glaston today to find out how this desiccant air dryer could be yours.   Robust and compact design. Pre- and after-filters. Pressure dewpoint of -40°C/-40°F. Reliable high adsorption capacity […]

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HPC fixed speed DS 241 Compressor

Powered by a 132kW motor, the fixed speed DS 241 Compressor is a high-quality HPC compressor that promises long service life and optimal reliability. Part of our stock of compressed air systems, you can be sure that a Glaston used HPC air compressor will perform to the highest level over an extended operational lifecycle.   […]

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Used Part – Atlas Copco GA55VSD Variable Speed Drive Compressor

Powered by a 55kW motor, GA series oil-injected screw compressors from Atlas Copco offer industry-leading performance, flexibility and reduced energy costs at a minimal cost of ownership. Part of Glaston’s stock of used compressed air systems, Atlas Copco VSD compressors automatically adjust their motor and element speed to the air demand – cutting energy use and […]

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Atlas Copco GA15FF Compressor Station

Designed to tackle your daily challenges, tank-mounted Atlas Copco air compressors offer an exceptional air compressor solution. Part of our stock of compressed air systems, these compressor stations are ready to supply high-quality air, they keep your air network clean and your production up and running.   15kW motor. Premium GA quality and optimal serviceability […]

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Second-hand compressors

Whether your business requires a mobile or static second-hand compressor, Glaston’s comprehensive on-site collection of used air compressors means we will always have a solution to match your specifications. Glaston’s team of highly qualified and experienced used compressor service engineers is fully committed to delivering total customer satisfaction to businesses throughout the UK and North West. 

As our inventory of second-hand air compressors changes continuously, please note that all of our stock is not listed on this used compressor page. If you are looking for a specific compressor brand, compressor size or compressors with particular functionalities, such as models featuring dryer components, we invite you to discuss your requirements directly with our customer service team and Glaston will match you with a suitable used air compressor.

Are you considering buying a used air compressor from Glaston Compressor Services? Refer to our used compressor buyers guide.

Used compressors for sale in the UK

Replacing old or outdated compressors with used air compressors can provide businesses with considerable year-on-year cost savings. Buying fully refurbished used air compressors directly from a supplier like Glaston allows businesses to be more efficient at compressing air on demand. Utilising used compressors within your processes can stretch your budget further, providing your business with an excellent compressed air system for considerably less. All used compressors stocked at Glaston have been expertly serviced and reconditioned. 

Glaston’s wide range of on-site used air compressors range from 1.5kw screw compressors to 160kw used compressors, which are all available for hire or resale. These used air compressors are capable of high performance and as such can be used across a variety of industries and applications such as automotive, manufacturing, chemical and packaging. For individual used air compressor prices and used compressor hire packages, please contact Glaston directly and we will discuss your requirements. 

Used HPC KAESER air compressors

When buying used air compressors for your business, it is important to deal with a trusted supplier. Glaston is a Carbon Trust accredited supplier and an authorised distributor of the nation’s favourite yellow box compressors from HPC KAESER. We are passionate about the HPC brand, which is why our engineers take the time to meet with customers new and old to explain the benefits of HPC KAESER compressors. Glaston helps our clients to understand the benefits of switching to used HPC compressed air equipment with a free consultation service. 

Highlights of Glaston’s used HPC KAESER compressor models include the HPC 2K26 and HPC 2K25 air compressors. Amongst an array of key features, both of these used air compressor models feature HPC’s innovative cooling system. This technology uses high-efficiency dual flow fans and separate airflow channels for the cooling of its 15KW motor, fluid/compressed air cooler and control cabinet. Alongside the HPC cooling system, SIGMA CONTROL 2 rotors help ensure efficient control and system monitoring. 

Buy used compressors from Glaston Compressor Services

Based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, Glaston Compressor Services has built strong relationships with all the manufacturers we work with. Glaston can source used air compressors at competitive prices and pass the savings on to our clients. All used air compressors sold by Glaston throughout the North West of England are safely stored directly on company premises and delivered personally by our team. The benefits of on-site stocking mean that Glaston has an extensive range of used air compressors and spare parts on-site, something which most UK suppliers do not offer. This allows Glaston to provide quicker and more comprehensive service to our clients. 

Whichever used air compressor you choose, Glaston is sure to have a system that suits your business requirements and budget. This means clients can be assured of a reliable and long-lasting second-hand compressor. If you’d like to find out more about which used air compressors we have for sale in the UK North West, speak with Glaston Compressor Services today on 01695 51010, email or complete our contact form.

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