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Compressed Air Systems – Summer Running

As we start to approach the warmer summer months compressed air systems need to be adjusted for the warmer ambient temperatures. Just as we need to ensure compressors and ancillary equipment, such as dryers and filters, run in ambient conditions that prevent frost damage during the cold winter months the opposite is true when the […]

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A reliable solution to portable compressed air requirements

HPC KAESER Portable Screw Compressors are powerful, mobile machines for providing compressed air in a number of applications. These include, construction sites or in industry for applications such as road breakers. In addition, the reliability of these portable compressors makes them ideal as temporary machines, for situations where compressed air requirement is greater than the current […]

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Benefits of Storage in a Compressed Air System

Storage in a compressed air system performs several functions, and is a critical part of any properly designed air system. When correctly applied, storage can improve energy savings, air quality, and pressure stability; as well as reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the air compressors.

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Power is nothing without control – new 3D control takes compressor control to a whole new dimension.

HPC Compressors and  Kaeser compressors are widely acknowledged as the most efficient and reliable compressors that money can buy. Built in Germany to rigorous standards HPC / Kaeser compressors will give decades of satisfaction. However, to maximize the efficiency of any compressor system proper control is essential, after-all, if you have an efficient car why […]

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Completely Redesigned ESD Compressors with SFC Options

Introducing HPC Kaeser Compressors redesigned ESD rotary screw compressor series. Available in 160kW and 250 kW variants providing flows from 816-1522 cfm and pressures to 15 bar. The ESD series has been redesigned for increased efficiency and improved specific performance, as the one-to-one direct drive design includes a premium efficiency drive motor with three PT […]

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SIGMA Control 2 – Integrated Intelligence – Power is nothing without control

HPC KAESER’s revolutionary modular concept takes compressor controller technology to the next level and beyond. Welcome to the world of SIGMA Control 2. It’s now over a decade since HPC KAESER introduced its ground-breaking SIGMA Control internal compressor controller, the innovative “PC in a compressor.” The integration of an industrial PC as standard in every […]

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