350 bar and 40 Bar Compressor installation

A customer of Glaston Air Compressors had a site requirement for both 350 and 40 bar compressed air to maintain a hydraulic press system.

For 10 years our customer has used two Ingersoll Rand 350 bar piston air compressors to maintain the 350 bar and 40 bar operating pressures. Unfortunately, both units failed within a short space of time and hire equipment was brought in at a considerable expense.

Subsequently, Glaston were invited to review the high pressure system following a successful project to overhaul the general purpose 7 bar air which resulted in the installation of four 160kW HPC energy efficient air compressors.

As opposed to offering two new 350 bar compressors it was deemed more cost effective, from both a purchasing and operating perspective, to supply a 350 bar compressor to fulfill the 350 bar requirement. A 40 bar unit was supplied to fulfil the 40 bar air requirement.

Once the site understood the benefit to generating compressed air at the pressures actually required, Glaston put forward a 350 bar SAUER piston compressor and a 40 bar SAUER piston compressor. SAUER are renowned worldwide for the superior build and reliability of high pressure air compressors. Additionally, SAUER air compressors are used extensively though out the world serving general industry, shipping and many navies.

Following a rigorous tendering process, two SAUER units were installed in the summer of 2010 and have been successfully used since.

If you have any questions about this case study or you would like any help with your compressed air system, old or new, whatever the air pressure, then please contact us.