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Compressed Air

How HPC air compressors can reduce costs in your business

Do you want to cut costs on compressed air? Many businesses rely on compressed air either for manufacturing purposes, or to maintain a service to customers. The medical sector relies on compressed air to provide breathing apparatus and for tools used for surgical procedures. Banks use compressed air to operate door systems and some jewellers […]

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Air compressor finance deals for your business

There are many reasons you may be considering a new compressed air package for your business. You may be wondering where to buy compressed air in the UK, to meet the various needs of your company. Perhaps you’re experiencing a surge in growth and you need new equipment to facilitate demand. Or maybe you require […]

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Why you DO need a portable Air Compressor….

An air compressor is a machine that is relied upon heavily across countless industries. A portable air compressor gives business considerable benefits around their factories and plants. The ability to move the air compressor from one location to another with minimal effort is clearly its leading benefit. The smaller size and lighter weight of portable […]

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The Main Types of Compressed Air Dryers

There are 4 main types of compressed air dryers: refrigerated compressed air dryers, chemical compressed air dryers, desiccant compressed air dryers and membrane compressed air dryers. Find out more about this type of compressed air treatment below. Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers Refrigerated compressed air dryers cool the air to low temperatures and condenses the water […]

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Compressed Air needs effective Compressed Air Filtration

Most factories around the world rely on compressed air. Having an air compressor on site means that compressed air is readily available and is easy to use. Just installing a compressed air system on site is not good enough and in order for it to work effectively and reliably compressed air filtration needs to be […]

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What do users expect from a compressor system?

When investing in a new compressor system, users expect maximum efficiency and reliability. Simple as it may sound, these requirements are dependent on many other different factors, including energy costs. When energy costs for a compressed air system are calculated over the lifetime of an air compressor it equates to many times over the initial investment in the […]

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