Power is nothing without control – new 3D control takes compressor control to a whole new dimension.

HPC Compressors and  Kaeser compressors are widely acknowledged as the most efficient and reliable compressors that money can buy. Built in Germany to rigorous standards HPC / Kaeser compressors will give decades of satisfaction. However, to maximize the efficiency of any compressor system proper control is essential, after-all, if you have an efficient car why would you negate this by taking the long route on every journey?

HPC Compressors and Kaeser Compressors new generation of Sigma Air Manager (SAM) now features adaptive 3D Control. Active rather than reactive, the new self-adjusting 3D software responds to the three crucial dimensions that effects air system efficiency: switching losses, control losses, and pressure flexibility. The result is significant energy savings through reduced compressor run and idling time; and reduced leaks and artificial demand. At the same time, it provides the lowest average system pressure for better operation of plant equipment.

This controller includes an integral Web-server for remote monitoring of system activity. The optional Sigma Air Control Plus stores and analyzes system data for reporting, system audits, control optimisation and long-term trend analysis. SAM can operate multiple compressors, blowers or vacuum pumps. Integrating the SAM into your server allows for additional remote capabilities, including control.

Even if you are not lucky enough to run HPC / Kaeser compressors the SAM unit can be still be used to control other makes of compressors resulting in excellent energy savings. Furthermore, by running the minimum amount of compressors to satisfy your air demand you may find that you actually reduce the compressor running hours. Less compressor running hours = less servicing and improved reliability.

For more information please contact Glaston Compressor on how we can make any compressor system run even more efficiently.

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