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Air Compressors Control

What is AirStar?

AirStar is a unique multiple air compressor controller that has been designed and proven to maximise the ENERGY SAVINGS of a compressed air system. It has been designed by Glaston in cooperation with TREND and is the only known compressor control system that can sit directly on a L.A.N (local area network).

What are the benefits of AirStar?

AirStar will control any number of air compressors and provides the following:

  • Maximum energy savings whatever the demand
  • Minimum number of air compressors in use for any given air demand
  • Prioritised Duty (when required)
  • Automatic rotation of duty (when required)
  • Timetabling (individual days for “this week” & “standard week” with up to three options per day)
  • The finest air compressor controller, for use with variable speed drive compressors in a multiple air compressor environment
  • The only multiple air compressor controller of its type which is 100% compatible and will therefore sit directly on an existing trend local area network


  • Intelligent remote alarm handing capability
  • Upgrade for a networked system
  • Upgrade for Supervisory Control & Acquisition Data “SCADA” software running on a networked desktop P.C. for both on-site and off-site operator control and monitoring
  • Available for vacuum pumps
  • Detailed remote telemetry and energy management reporting

AirStar has been designed and built to the highest standards of Quality Assurance. AirStar is accredited to BS:EN:ISO9001 to ensure that it will continue to deliver maximum performance and reliability for many years. Both the software and hardware can be readily upgraded to enable the operator to take advantage of any future changes in the computerised technology. For more information on AirStar or for a quote please contact us today.

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