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Compressed Air Filtration

Glaston Compressor Services stock a wide range of air compressor accessories, including compressed air filters that will ensure consistent performance of your compressed air systems. Compressed air filters are a vital piece of equipment that ensure the air produced through your compressor system is clean. 


Compressed air filtration offers vital protection for your air compressor by removing any particulate and oils in the air. At Glaston, our ranges of compressed air filters are all specially designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. Our compressed air filtration system also allow us to address the issues of compressed air purity requirements and standards for a range of applications. Failure to filter compressed air can have a significant impact on your system and will result in a number of control issues. These can include contamination within the compressed air system and quality issues.

At Glaston, our compressed air filters can remove particulate down to 0.01 micron and oil down to 0.01 parts per million. All of our compressed air filters and elements are compliant with ISO8573 – the compressed air purity standards. We can also supply complete breathing air purification systems, as well as the associated elements.


We stock an extensive range of elements and compressed air filters for the following compressed air systems:

Atlas Copco | Deltech | Parker | Domnick Hunter | Ultrafilter | HPC Kaeser | Walker | HPC Compressors | Compair | Gardner Denver 


Our team of engineers offer expert advice on compressed air treatment and compressed air filtration. We recognise that each client has specific requirements and design bespoke compressed air solutions to suit you. If you have any questions or for more information about compress air filters, please contact us today. At Glaston we can help source, supply, install and maintain compressed air systems to meet your individual specification.