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Legris Transair Pipework

Glaston Compressor Services is a proud distributor and installer for Legris Transair Pipework Systems. A lightweight, aluminium and stainless steel tube for up to 100mm diameter. The Legris Transair Pipework system offers quick installation and is the leading choice for compressed air, vacuum and cooling water systems.

legris transair

Transair is a very fast, flexible and easy to modify aluminum pipe system specially designed for compressed air and vacuum and inert gas systems. All the Transair components are totally interchangeable and reusable, which is fantastic as it allows for easy layout modifications.

Steel or copper in comparison corrode over time, whereas Legris Transair Pipework continuously provides clean air quality with optimum flow rate perfromance, this being one of Transair’s key pluses.

Legris Transair Pipework’s easy installation also significantly reduces installation, maintenance and operating costs versus traditional pipe work. Threading, soldering or gluing of pipework is not necessary with Legris Transair Pipework. In fact, with Legris Transair Pipework labour costs for installing this product accounts for only 20% of installation costs. Legris Transair Pipework also drastically reduces energy costs by increasing efficiency, reducing pressure drops and eliminating leaks. Aluminium provides a low friction coefficient surface, ensuring optimal flow throughout the pipe.

Legris Transair Pipework can be integrated into existing copper and steel pipework systems, without affecting performance, making it ideal for upgrading and expanding systems.

The Legris Transair Pipework for compressed air has a higher flow performance than galvanised steel at a fraction of the weight. Other key benefits include:

  • The unique design allows for easy modification or extension.
  • It is quicker, easier and cleaner to install than galvanised steel.
  • It is highly resistant to corrosion, aggressive environments and mechanical shocks.
  • It has a maximum working pressure of 16 bar.
  • It has a maximum vacuum level of 98.7% (13 mbar abs).

legris transair

For more information on Legris Transair Pipework and cooling water systems, or for a quote please contact us.