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Used Air Compressors

Whether you decide to go with a used air compressors or a used ones, we will always ensure that the system we install will best suit your business’ requirements and budget. Glaston’s team of highly qualified and experienced service engineers are fully committed to delivering total customer satisfaction.

Glaston has a wide range of used air compressors, ranging from 1.5kW compressors up to 160 kW compressors that are available for hire or resale.

These high performance used air compressors can be used in a wide range of industries and have many applications including automotive, manufacturing, chemical and packaging.

For used air compressors prices and air compressor hire packages please contact us directly.

Replacing old compressors even with used air compressors can offer considerable cost savings year on year as well as being more efficient at compressing the air that you need on demand. Used air compressors can stretch your budget further to allow you to have an excellent air compression system for considerably less.  For more information about how much our used air compressors can save you contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your business’ needs and tailor a solution that will suit best. 

Our range of used HPC air compressors include:

  • ES300 HPC Compressors – 1,000 cfm output @ 7 bar
  • DSB HPC Compressors – 500 and 700 cfm output @ 7 bar – Note: water cooled
  • CSD122 HPC Compressors – 424 cfm output @ 7 bar
  • CSDX162SFC Variable Speed Drive Compressor 550 cfm @ 7 bar
  • BSD81 HPC Compressor – 288 cfm @ 7 bar
  • CS91 HPC Compressors – 320 cfm @ 7 bar
Our range of used air compressors is always changing. For more information on our range of used air compressors or for prices please contact us. Our team of engineering professionals are available to answer any queries and provide practical advice for your specific requirements. As the authorised UK distributor of HPC Kaeser compressors, Glaston has the knowledge and expertise to offer professional air compressor maintenance and installation services.