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Why HPC Kaeser Compressors are the best

HPC Kaeser Compressors offer superior performance, durability, and energy efficiency. They are available from 2.2kW right up to 450kW, with capacities from 9 to 3,044 cfm, and pressures up to 15 bar. All units are fully packaged and are ready …

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Do You Control Your Compressed Air?

The efficiency of your air compressors is a major contributor to whether a factory or process is cost effective or not. As part of the efficient running of a compressed air system then some control is required, after all it’s …

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Why Buy Air Compressors?

Compressed Air is widely known as the 4th utility alongside Gas, Electricity and Water supplying all factories and production process. Compressed Air is so common approximately 20% to 30 % of all electricity used in industry is powering air compressors.

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