Why Buy Air Compressors?

Compressed Air is widely known as the 4th utility alongside Gas, Electricity and Water supplying all factories and production process. Compressed Air is so common approximately 20% to 30 % of all electricity used in industry is powering air compressors.

Historically air users were happy to buy the air compressor and ancillary equipment and pay for it to be maintained accordingly. However, using this method the user has to budget for additional works from time to time such as motor and airend overhauls which can be expensive, especially in current times when budgets are tight.

Against this trend, some 18 years ago, we at Glaston started to sell air by the volume used. Via this method the customer provides a space for the compressors and equipment to live and we provide the compressed air at the required quantity and quality.

With this method the compressed air supplier takes complete ownership of all the equipment and the customer only pays for the air that it used. If any compressors have a costly failure then it isn’t a cost that the user has to worry about as all they see is clean dry compressed air.

In much the same way that most people don’t own the cars that they drive we don’t see any reason why air users need to own the compressor air equipment that provides the site with compressed air.

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