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A new HPC compressor for a car bodyshop application

Glaston were approached by a major car dealership looking for increased air compressor capacity. This was an existing, long-term client who had an HPC compressor that they were very happy with, but, due to an increase in business, had a need for an additional air compressor to run alongside their existing one to increase their capacity.

What the customer needed

This long-term Glaston customer has been successfully selling high-quality new cars in Liverpool for over 20 years. As a part of the package of services that they offer on-site, the business has a bodyshop repair facility, which, thanks to their excellent reputation, has expanded in recent times due to an increase in demand. The customer already had an HPC compressor within their bodyshop. Even though this air compressor was over twenty years old, thanks to regular services and maintenance from Glaston’s engineers, it was still running well. Therefore, our customer came to us requesting an additional air compressor to be fitted to increase capacity.

What Glaston did

We stock a range of HPC compressors at Glaston, and so we worked with our customer to establish which air compressor would best suit their expansion needs. The one that we recommended and installed, due to updates in the technology used by air compressors, runs at a much-reduced rate of energy consumption – and therefore cost – compared with their existing equipment, whilst still adding much-needed capacity for their workshop. It also comes with a fully programmable sigma control panel, which means that the air compressor will turn itself on and off in line with their shift patterns, ensuring that it is always ready to use when needed, but that there will be no additional energy consumption.

Glaston’s engineers installed the HPC compressor during working hours with no disruption to their workflow, and the existing air compressor remained available for use throughout the process, so there was no downtime for the business.

What happened as a result?

Due to the energy savings gained by using the latest in HPC compressors, our customer is now paying a lower electricity bill than previously due to the increased efficiencies of the new equipment. The new HPC compressor also comes with a five-year warranty, so any repairs and maintenance will be covered for the foreseeable future. Our client now has more than double the capacity, but with reduced electricity costs day-to-day and no increase in maintenance and servicing.

Our customer is fortunate enough to have two HPC compressors on site now so that they always have a backup option. However, Glaston do offer a 24-hour back-up call-out service with a fleet of air compressors so that one can be hired at short notice if required.

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