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Air compressor finance deals for your business

There are many reasons you may be considering a new compressed air package for your business. You may be wondering where to buy compressed air in the UK, to meet the various needs of your company. Perhaps you’re experiencing a surge in growth and you need new equipment to facilitate demand. Or maybe you require compressed air on an intermittent basis, and you’re coming to the end of your supply.

Air compressor finance deals offer an excellent way to spread the load. There are various options available when looking to buy air compressors in the UK. Take a look below to discover which air compressor package deals would most benefit your business.

Air compressor package deals

air compressor finance

Long-term savings – fully managed audits to keep your costs down

In order to see the long-term benefits of your energy-saving compressed air equipment, you may wish to consider a managed audit package when making your purchase. It is important to audit your energy savings from time to time, as this is the only way to ensure long-term efficiency.

A fully managed air compressor service will supply you with all the necessary information and paperwork to conduct an audit of your factory. Alternatively, your air compressor supplier can also manage the audit for you and produce an energy savings report, to help you stay on top of your spend.

This type of air compressor package deal will allow you to enjoy the cost saving benefits of your equipment right away, as there is not normally an upfront payment associated.

No upfront costs – finance your equipment through energy savings alone

If you’d like your air compressor equipment to be funded entirely from your energy savings, there are some special packages that facilitate this.

Good air compressor suppliers should offer an air compressor financing scheme for customers who prefer this method of payment. This means you will receive the necessary funding for the air compressor equipment from the supplier, who receive their income as a pre-agreed portion of the savings.

Because you don’t have to worry about taking on any upfront costs, financing your air compressor equipment is really easy and hassle-free. This air compressor package deal allows you to make regular payments that equal no more than the money saved.

This is measured against the energy savings of your new air compressor system and means your cash flow will not be affected. Once you have paid the balance, you will really benefit from the savings and convert them into profit.

Deferred purchase – convenient purchase hire over long or short-term periods

Good air compressor suppliers should also be able to offer a deferred purchase hire arrangement. This can be taken over short or long-term periods, which means you benefit from an air compressor finance deal that really suits your business.

To find out more about air compressor finance deals in your area, contact Glaston today on 01695 51010. Our SafeContractor status means that all our compressed air equipment is handled in a safe and legislated environment, to give you complete reassurance at every stage of your journey with us. We’re based in Skelmersdale, West Lancashire and service the whole of the North West UK.

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