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Air Compressor Systems

At Glaston Compressor Services we design, build and install intelligent air compressors and offer comprehensive compressed air services around the UK. Our air compressors and compressed air systems are effectively controlled to ensure maximum energy savings and complete accountability. With Glaston, you can buy air compressor systems suited to virtually any industry sector.

Our Air Compressor Services

With our comprehensive portfolio of products for the production of compressed air, we make a substantial contribution to increasing the energy savings and efficiency of many manufacturing plants throughout the UK. Read our latest case study to find out more about our compressed air systems and how our satisfied clients have benefited from a successful compressed air system installed by Glaston.

Our reliable air compressor systems are designed for round the clock operations, delivering consistently high performance. Air Compressors can be applied to a vast range of industry sectors, including food, chemical, engineering, automotive and other sectors. All our compressed air systems conform to the specified requirements of all ISO8573.1:2001 quality classes. You get the latest cutting edge products when you buy air compressor systems from Glaston.

Download our Air Compressor FAQs for more information.

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How many hours does it run?


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How many hours does it run?

Air Compressor Systems

Glaston is the authorised supplier of HPC KAESER Air Compressors in the UK. Our team of engineers are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of HPC KAESER Compressors, as well as other compressed air systems such as Atlas Copco Compressors and Plusair rotary screw compressors.

  • HPC electrically driven screw compressors up to 450 kW and 15 barg pressure
  • KAESER electrically driven screw compressors up to 450 kW and 15 barg pressure
  • HPC diesel driven screw compressors up to 953 cfm and 14 barg pressure
  • KAESER diesel driven screw compressors up to 953 cfm and 14 barg pressure
  • Vertical or horizontal air receivers in carbon steel either primer painted or galvanized
  • Refrigerant dryers for pressure dewpoints down to +3 degrees C
  • Desiccant dryers for pressure dewpoints down to -70 degrees
  • Sigma Air Manager (SAM)
  • Membrane “point of use” dryers for pressure dew points down to -20 degrees C
  • Oil/particle removal filters, activated carbon filters and towers and medical sterile filters
  • Condensate treatment systems to meet with current legislation
  • Vacon inverter drives

For more information on our range of air compressors, compressed air systems and maintenance packages please contact us. Click here to download the latest report issued by HPC KAESER Air Compressors.

You can speak to Glaston about a range of products and services, including air compressor treatment, nitrogen generators and vacuum blowers. We offer rotary screw vacuum pumps from kW up to kW and vacuum up to 99%.

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