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atlas copco air scan service

What is #AIRScan?

Efficiency is key when it comes to running a compressed air system, which is why a compressed air energy audit is essential to keep on top of your business’ finances. An #AIRScan audit report can run a full diagnostic on your compressed air system, providing an in-depth analysis of any current problems with your system and the necessary steps you should take.

#AIRScan works by using unique audit software that simulates several different configurations of your application. From there, we can put together feasible solutions regarding how you can best save energy. As a result, you will reduce your impact on the environment and save money in the process.

What is #AIRScan capable of?

Using #AIRScan, you could take up to 30% off your compressed air costs. But what does an #AIRScan compressed air energy audit consist of and what can it do for your application?

#AIRScan can check the compressor element, gearbox, coupling, drive train and other rotating components of your system in relation to vibrations. As a result, it prevents expensive breakdowns by identifying any future problems your system may have.

This service also involves analysing the air quality of your system using powerful technology to check its purity. You will be recommended effective solutions to meet the optimum air quality for your application and thereby increase your system’s efficiency.

A vital part of the #AIRScan service is the leak detection aspect which is able to detect 40% more leaks than standard leak detection tools, twice as quickly. The following report deduces the potential savings you can make with some changes and a list of highly recommended repairs. Using RePress, leaks are repaired while the distribution net is under pressure, and without pipes or couplings being dismantled.

One of the biggest benefits of this service is that #AIRScan can conduct a compressed energy air audit while your system is still running, meaning you won’t suffer from any costly downtime.

You can also rest assured that your system is audited to clear specifications as #AIRScan follows the ISO 11011 standard for compressed air energy efficiency assessments. An #AIRScan audit can also serve as your benchmark if you have, or are considering, an ISO 50001 energy management system.

Compressed air energy audits using #AIRScan

#AIRScan is one of the main technologies used within our compressed air energy audit service. This service involves monitoring your system for seven days and analyses power consumption, flow and various other elements of your system.

To find out more about our compressed air energy audit services, browse our website to find out more.

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