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Our blog is filled with updates and news about our products and brands. Keep up to date with all things Glaston right here, as well as all the latest product news and updates from the air compressor industry as a whole.

What are the different types of compressors?

After deciding that your application requires an air compressor, and working out how much air you need, how you’re going to power it, and how you’re going to drive the compressor, you need to decide which one you actually need. Fortunately, Glaston is here to help. Continue reading our helpful guide on the different types […]

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How long do air compressors last?

Air compressor systems are crucial to industrial and commercial operations, so maintenance of a compressed air system is vital to how well it performs. Proper and regular maintenance of an air compressor ensures that the system can continue to operate efficiently and effectively. When looked after properly, air compressors can last for many years. So, […]

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How do oil free air compressors work?

When exposing your process to oil, it becomes difficult to keep air clean, which can result in rising costs, especially if you use more and more air. As compressed air is only as good as its purity, more companies are turning to oil-free air compressors. So, how do oil free air compressors work? Continue reading […]

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What is the Working Principle of a Nitrogen Generator?

While the big news recently has been about the shortage of CO2 in the UK, many manufacturers have been quietly going about their business using reliable and cost-effective nitrogen generation. Nitrogen is used across a wide range of industrial applications, from laser cutting to packaging perishables. It’s become such a mainstay of industry that a […]

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Can nitrogen generation help make your business more environmentally friendly?

Opting for on-site gas generation brings about a wide range of benefits that are easily often overlooked. Whilst it is easy to find the initial outlay for a gas generator cost prohibitive, there are distinct benefits to implementing an on-site gas generator, particularly when you consider the negatives of having to purchase vast quantities of […]

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Introducing the oil flooded compressor range from Glaston

Oil flooded compressors have a lubricated compression chamber, unlike oil-free compressors that use a Teflon coating. Oil flooded rotary screw compressors are lubricated and cooled by oil, meaning that lubricating oil bridges the gap between the rotors. This helps to provide a hydraulic seal and transfers the mechanical energy between the two rotors. We take […]

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The new ASD.4 brochure from Kaeser

As official KAESER Compressor distributors, we are excited to share the release of the ASD series brochure which details their latest and most efficient rotary screw compressors, the ASD.4 range. What’s new in the ASD.4 KAESER Compressor series? As leading manufacturers of compressed air systems and components, KAESER’s chief objective is to maximise energy efficiencies […]

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Improving energy efficiencies with Glaston

  Lancashire based PVCR, a member of the REHAU Group, contacted Glaston Compressor Services to learn more about installing a new compressed air system. With their strong growth and business development, PVCR is now the largest UPVC recycler in the North West, and the business shows no signs of slowing down. With sustainability as a […]

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How nitrogen gas generators can help improve brewery efficiencies

Nitrogen is created by separating the nitrogen molecules from other gas molecules and particles in a clean, dry compressed air stream. This results in a pure supply of nitrogen that can be used in a variety of industrial processes; with the leading one being in the manufacture of beverages. For these applications, ultra-pure nitrogen must […]

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Introducing our air compressor range

Air compressors are the workhorses of industrial plants, keeping tools and equipment powered continually to ensure efficient output and optimum production rates.

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