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Our blog is filled with updates and news about our products and brands. Keep up to date with all things Glaston right here, as well as all the latest product news and updates from the air compressor industry as a whole.

What are the benefits of using an air compressor dryer?

One of the most common uses for nitrogen generators is in the food and drink industry, where the nitrogen helps to preserve food within packaging through the provision of a protective atmosphere.

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Energy efficiency and savings with SIGMA Air Management

Businesses who run compressor systems for a variety of air systems – compressors, blowers and/or vacuum units – will know the frustration of the machines fighting for control and not providing you with optimum output. However reliable and efficient your air compressors, however carefully they have been installed, the design and control of the overall […]

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How compressed air filtration systems benefit the food manufacturing industry

The food industry has strict regulations and laws in place to protect the consumer; these cover processing plants at all stages of food production: preparation, processing, manufacturing and packaging. Air compressors are a critical piece of equipment often found in of all these processes. They are also often missed in the hazard analysis as a […]

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A new HPC compressor for a car bodyshop application

Glaston were approached by a major car dealership looking for increased air compressor capacity. This was an existing, long-term client who had an HPC compressor that they were very happy with, but, due to an increase in business, had a need for an additional air compressor to run alongside their existing one to increase their […]

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Ask the Experts: Why choose a Nitrogen Generator for your application?

Nitrogen generators are a more cost-effective option than liquid nitrogen filled cylinders, and are easier to manage and maintain; they are the preferred choice for most businesses who use nitrogen within their processing and packing divisions. We take a look at how nitrogen generators work and why nitrogen generator installation is such a popular option. […]

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Crisis Management from Glaston – Responding to Nitrogen Generator breakdowns

For many businesses, nitrogen generators fulfil a critical function. In some cases, this is because nitrogen is part of a safety feature, used in the prevention of fire or enabling the safe storage of volatile chemicals. In other cases, it is the business which is critical, and the nitrogen generators are a part of providing […]

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Glaston are Safe Contractor Approved

We have always prided ourselves on our safe working practices, in meeting extremely high standards of Health and Safety and in being a trusted contractor to our customers. Now we have the accreditations to support our ethos. Glaston is now Safe Contractor Approved and SafeContractor PQQ certified. This means that we have been judged by […]

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Glaston supports coating company to solve pressure drop problem

Glaston Compressor Services received an enquiry from a leading protective coating manufacturer who expressed concerns with their existing compressed air system. The system in their state-of-the-art production facility involved multiple compressors and they presumed they had reached the peak of their compressed air availability. Glaston supported by switching to oversized filters and increased pipe sizes, […]

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Small but Mighty! What are the different industrial applications of a portable air compressor

An air compressor is used to convert power from an electric, diesel or petrol motor into potential energy that is stored as pressurized air in a cylinder. The air can then be released in a controlled manner to power equipment. The ability to power tools via a diesel engine enables portable air compressors to be […]

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Protect your cash flow by hiring an air compressor from Glaston

Air compressors are critical pieces of equipment within many manufacturing and processing environments. The initial outlay of purchasing an air compressor can be seen as prohibitive, in spite of the gains from having efficient, properly maintained equipment that uses the latest technology best matched to the business needs. We pride ourselves on delivering only top-quality […]

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