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HPC ASK compressors

HPC KASER’s range of ASK series compressors refines the industry standard when it comes to stationary compressed air systems. Compact but powerful, HPC ASK rotary screw compressors delivers more compressed air than most comparable systems. These compressors are capable of achieving significant savings on energy and maintenance costs, thanks to an environment and maintenance-friendly design.

HPC ASK rotary screw compressors

Part of our HPC compressor range, the powerful and service-friendly HPC ASK rotary screw compressor features enhancements that allow for an increased free compressed air delivery of as much as 16%. These improvements include optimised SIGMA profile rotors, low-speed operation and continued air-end development.

Much like other HPC compressors, the ASK series has been manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. Features such as IE3 motors, as well as SIGMA’s PROFILE rotors and SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller, deliver optimum energy efficiency. All HPC ASK compressors also share a logical and user-friendly design, providing businesses with quiet operation and a compact solution, wherever space is a factor.

HPC ASK rotary screw compressors utilise atmospheric air, which is drawn through the inlet filter by cleaning it and passing through the air-end to be compressed. Specially developed SIGMA fluid is injected into the air-end to serve as a coolant, lubricant and a sealant all at once.

Under normal conditions, the compressed air that HPC ASK compressors utilise will reach a temperature of approximately 80°C during compression. It is then separated from the cooling fluid (ca. < 2 mg/m3) in the separator and from there passes through the minimum pressure valve to the aftercooler.

The separated, cooled and filtered cooling fluid is re-injected into the air-end. In the aftercooler, the air is cooled down to between five and 10 K above ambient and most of the moisture carried in the air is consequently removed before the air finally leaves the outlet of the HPC ASK compressor.

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How many hours does it run?


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How many hours does it run?

HPC ASK rotary compressors features and benefits

  • Significantly improved efficiency
  • Enhanced maximum free air delivery
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • High cooling efficiency
  • Low compressed air outlet temperatures/b>
  • High residual thrust
  • Meets the stringent requirements regarding fan efficiency demanded by the EC directive 327/2011

HPC ASK28 compressors

The primary model that Glaston Compressor Services can provide is the HPC ASK28 compressor. HPC ASK28 compressors can be supplied as either a standard rotary screw compressor; the T version, which has integrated refrigeration dryer; the SFC version, which features a variable speed drive; or the T SFC version, which is a combination of the two.

  • Working pressure: 7.5 to 13 bar
  • FAD complete package at working pressure: 2.86 to 1.93 m³/min
  • Max working pressure: 8 to 15 bar
  • Rated motor power: 15 kW
  • Dimensions (W X D X H): 800mm x 1110mm x 1530mm
  • Air connection: G ¼
  • Sound pressure level: 65
  • Weight: 485 kg

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