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Kaeser Compressors UK

The name KAESER Compressors UK is recognised worldwide. In particular, it is known throughout the UK through its partnership with HPC Compressors. KAESER Compressors UK is recognised for excellence in providing exceptional customer service, system solutions and innovative products. Glaston are proud to be an authorised distributor of HPC KAESER Compressors in the UK.

Headquartered in Coburg Germany, KAESER is present in more than 58 countries worldwide including 21 company-owned and operated stores in the U.S. KAESER Compressors UK have been designed by specialist engineers who have a comprehensive understanding of the many elements that contribute to the overall effectiveness of a compressed air system. KAESER’s global network is comprised of manufacturing facilities and authorised distributors who are experts in all aspects of compressed air engineering.

KAESER Compressors’ Sigma Air Manager (SAM) is designed to balance service hours, prevent simultaneous motor starts and maintain tight pressure control. The master controller can be modified to virtually any system. It can manage as many as 16 compressors or vacuum pumps, including numerous types and differing brands. The system also manages dryers, filters and drains. KAESER Compressors UK have succeeded in giving satisfactory results to customers and are continually upgrading their products with progressive ideas.

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How many hours does it run?


How many hours does it run?


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How many hours does it run?

Why should I buy a KAESER air compressor?

The inventive services provided by KAESER compressors include the following:

  • Air Demand Analysis (ADA)
  • Energy consumption measurement
  • Air flow measurement
  • Leak detection
  • Compressor fluid analysis

KAESER Compressors UK have a catalogue covering its screw compressors and related products for applications within the automotive service industries. Products include refrigerated air dryers, air receivers, compressed air filtration units, as well as rotary screw compressors and complete packaged compressor systems. Glaston is a UK distributor of HPC KAESER air compressors and offers unrivalled installation and maintenance services. For more information please contact us.

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