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Can nitrogen generation help make your business more environmentally friendly?

Opting for on-site gas generation brings about a wide range of benefits that are easily often overlooked. Whilst it is easy to find the initial outlay for a gas generator cost prohibitive, there are distinct benefits to implementing an on-site gas generator, particularly when you consider the negatives of having to purchase vast quantities of gasses to use within your manufacturing or production facility. Read on to find out more about how having your own nitrogen gas generator on site can not only save your business money, but also reduce your carbon footprint.

The different ways to generate nitrogen gas

For nitrogen gas production, there are two key ways in which you can implement nitrogen gas in your manufacturing or production facility.

Purchasing nitrogen gas from a central cryogenic plant

One popular way to implement nitrogen gas into your manufacturing or production facility is to purchase large quantities of nitrogen gas when it is required from a central cryogenic separation plant. However, this does come with its downsides. One of which being that production plants such as these consume incredible amounts of energy in order to produce the vast quantities of nitrogen needed by businesses up and down the country. Plus, during this process, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is released into the atmosphere, ultimately contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Using an on-site nitrogen gas generator

For businesses who require vast amounts of nitrogen gas in order to produce a range of products, particularly those within chemical and food manufacturing, it could be a sensible solution to invest in membrane nitrogen generators or a PSA nitrogen generator to reduce reliance on third party producers, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

It is important to remember that membrane nitrogen generators and PSA nitrogen generators do have a couple of vital differences. For example, a membrane nitrogen generator works by compressing atmospheric air, which is then passed through a hollow fiber membrane to filter out any gas that is not nitrogen. However, a PSA nitrogen generator, also known as a Pressure Swing Absorption nitrogen generator works by passing air through a carbon molecular sieve. This sieve allows the smaller nitrogen molecules to pass through, whilst any larger molecules, such as oxygen, will be absorbed.

Both of these nitrogen generators enable us to produce pure nitrogen gas that is safe for use in a range of production facilities, such as chemical or food manufacturing, all whilst reducing the need for costly storage of bought-in nitrogen, allowing you to generate nitrogen as and when it is needed, which in turns reduces not only your costs, but also the associated CO2 production and energy expenditure.

Why is generated nitrogen more environmentally friendly than nitrogen cylinders?

Whether you opt for a membrane nitrogen generator or a PSA nitrogen generator, it is likely to be far more environmentally friendly than purchasing a nitrogen cylinder from a third party. Not only that, but it can in the long term, be friendlier to your wallet too!

Added to the lower rates of energy consumption is the fact that you can produce the nitrogen you need, as and when you need it – saving you costly storage costs and needless over production. Plus, storing nitrogen in cylinders long term isn’t exactly cost effective. Not only is this a big waste of valuable storage space, it also means that on average you will be losing around 10% of the nitrogen bottle amount whilst in storage. So this means that you’ll only be able to take advantage of around 90% of the nitrogen you have purchased, affecting your overall bottom line, and also wasting precious resources.

Reduce the amount of miles your nitrogen has to travel

We all know that the amount of miles traveled by the goods we purchase is bad for our carbon footprint, with ‘food miles’ often cropping up in the press, and ‘buying local’ being touted as the best solution. Wel, the same concept applies to nitrogen too!

If you purchase nitrogen from a large central production facility, this could be transported to you from the opposite side of the country, or even from a different country entirely! All of this adds to our carbon footprint and can have a damaging effect on the environment. However, when you use a nitrogen generator, this not only cuts the amount of energy that goes into creating the nitrogen in the first place, but also reduces the overall pollutants and energy that goes into transporting nitrogen all around the country.

Reduce the amount you send to landfill

The cylinders used for bottled nitrogen simply don’t last forever, and they often cannot be recycled. By using your own on-site nitrogen generators; you are not only reducing the need for this extra step in the process, but you’re also reducing the amount of waste you’re sending to landfill.

Does on-site nitrogen generation improve your carbon footprint?

It is clear, then, that not only does having nitrogen generators on-site at your plant reduce costs and storage requirements, but it is also a far more environmentally friendly option thanks to the reduced mileage, reduced amount sent to landfill and the reduction in nitrogen wastage. Whether you opt for a membrane or a PSA nitrogen generator, by producing your own nitrogen as you need it you will be dramatically reducing your business’ carbon footprint overall. To find out more about nitrogen generators and how our expert team can help you to develop a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. Speak to our team today.

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