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Air Compressor Blogs

How do oil free air compressors work?

When exposing your process to oil, it becomes difficult to keep air clean, which can result in rising costs, especially if you use more and more air. As compressed air is only as good as its purity, more companies are turning to oil-free air compressors. So, how do oil free air compressors work? Continue reading […]

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When to repair an air compressor and when to replace

Air compressors are synonymous with factory and processing environments; they are effective in their ability to power a range and quantity of tools at the same time for a multitude of jobs and are the go-to solution for both hand-held equipment and larger machinery. Used widely on assembly lines, air compressors are a vital source […]

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How air compressor maintenance can help cut costs

Some air compressors can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in environments where there are round the clock shifts and a constant operational demand. Others may be called into action only when particular jobs are running, sitting idle for periods of time in between. Some air compressors are working on tasks that […]

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Small but Mighty! What are the different industrial applications of a portable air compressor

An air compressor is used to convert power from an electric, diesel or petrol motor into potential energy that is stored as pressurized air in a cylinder. The air can then be released in a controlled manner to power equipment. The ability to power tools via a diesel engine enables portable air compressors to be […]

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Protect your cash flow by hiring an air compressor from Glaston

Air compressors are critical pieces of equipment within many manufacturing and processing environments. The initial outlay of purchasing an air compressor can be seen as prohibitive, in spite of the gains from having efficient, properly maintained equipment that uses the latest technology best matched to the business needs. We pride ourselves on delivering only top-quality […]

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Why preventative maintenance is better than costly cure

Prevention is better than cure, as the old saying goes, which sums up the theory behind preventative maintenance. When it comes to air compressors, adopting a proactive maintenance regime can certainly save you a lot of heartache and expense in the long run. Here, Glaston reveals how to get the most out of your planned […]

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