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Air Compressor Blogs

Improving Energy Efficiency with Air Compressors in Industrial Applications

Thanks to technological developments, various industries are always looking for new ways to develop their equipment and enhance operational capabilities. Amongst the many tools that industries are utilising to improve efficiencies, air compressors have become a considerable part of energy efficiency. Not only do air compressors power a range of pneumatic tools and equipment, but […]

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Discover the Benefits of Smart Air Compressors: The Future of Industrial Air Power

Technology is getting smarter and smarter every day, and air compressors are getting smart too. Advances in air compression technology are allowing industries to take a greater degree of control over their air compression systems than ever before. They offer more than control, they reduce maintenance and energy costs, reduce downtimes, and can even speed […]

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The Benefits of Choosing a Used Air Compressor

Here at Glaston we supply a wide range of reliable air compressors that deliver consistently high performance across a vast range of industries and applications. We also recognise that buying new equipment is a huge investment for a business, that’s why we’re proud to offer an alternative solution. We have one of the most extensive […]

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Air cooled compressor ZP 55

Why monitoring compressed air quality is important in industrial application

Compressed air is an effective method of power transfer in control equipment throughout many different types of manufacturing and non-manufacturing processes. At Glaston we provide systems to monitor and ensure the quality of compressed air through our air treatment products and expertise. We provide air compressors for a range of different industries, including (but not limited […]

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Summerisation of Compressors

With the summer months quickly approaching, there are many things you have to consider, and your air compressors are no different. As the temperature starts to rise during the summer months, it is vitally important that your air compressors are optimised for the warmer weather. This process is known as ‘summerisation’.  In this article, we […]

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This is an image of Atlas Copco Compressors being installed into a factory. Combined with the Optimizer 4 (featured on the wall at the back) means that your factory can start saving energy and therefore costs as soon as it is commissioned. You will immediately see reduced energy bills. It is a group of 5 grey compressor housing units with the Atlas Copco blue stripe. The optimizer looks like a small black square with a blue stripe on the wall at the back.

10 ways to save energy with your air compressor system

In every industry, businesses are trying their best to reduce costs across the board due to the current economic climate. Energy efficiency is top of many companies’ priority lists due to the escalating rise in energy costs. In order to reduce energy bills, energy consumption must be reviewed by all. For businesses that utilise air […]

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