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Oil-free compressors for refineries

In our last blog article, Glaston discussed why oil-free compressors are commonly used within the pharmaceutical industry. Here, we take a look at a much different industry where oil-free compressors are often overlooked – oil refineries. While not always the first choice for petrochemical or refinery environments, oil-free compressors offer many benefits that should be […]

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Oil-free compressors in the pharmaceutical industry

Oil-free compressors are the go-to solution for generating compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry. The need for high air purity levels and a contaminate-free compressed air supply means the pharmaceutical industry traditionally has specialist requirements when it comes to selecting air compressors. Here, Glaston Compressor Services discusses how oil-free compressors are used in the pharmaceutical […]

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Why air compressor rental is the right move for your business

Air compressor rental packages are designed for businesses that require a more cost-effective means of generating compressed air. For businesses with budgetary constraints or those requiring a temporary solution to avoid downtime, renting an air compressor might be preferable to buying a brand new system outright. Here, Glaston Compressor Services discusses the pros and cons […]

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Why use compressed air filters from Walker Filtration?

Here at Glaston Compressor Services, we are proud distributors of Walker Filtration compressed air filters. For effective air treatment and filtration within compressor systems, Walker Filtration’s range of filters and accessories are second to none. In this article, we discuss exactly what it is that makes compressed air filters from Walker Filtration a cut above […]

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How nitrogen generation can benefit food production processes

From food packaging to the preservation of foodstuffs by eliminating spoilage, on-site nitrogen generation is commonplace within the food industry. Learn what benefits can be achieved by implementing nitrogen generators into your food production processes. Nitrogen generation for the food industry The greatest benefit of nitrogen generation for the food industry is the capability to […]

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Why Glaston Compressor Service Surveys are a cut above the rest

At Glaston Compressor Services we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions that meet your business’ needs. Over the last 40 years, we have built a strong reputation for our attention to detail. A perfect example of this is our diagnostic surveys, which help our customers to make cost-effective improvements to their business’ performance and efficiency. […]

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