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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Latest update

We understand the uncertainty this unprecedented time might be causing, however, we remain focused on supporting all of our customers wherever they may be. YES, WE ARE OPEN! Glaston is accepting and processing orders and work – we look after many essential businesses including power stations, vaccine & pharmaceutical manufacturers, food and food packaging manufacturers and […]

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Why Glaston specialises in energy-efficient compressed air systems

Following a carbon report carried out by The Making Carbon Work (MaCaW) Project, Glaston Compressor Services was recognised as a carbon-neutral company. In this article, Glaston discusses the benefits our customers can receive from choosing energy-efficient compressors from a carbon-neutral air compressor supplier.

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How to cut compressed air energy consumption in the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, compressed air is largely used as a safe and versatile power source. Chemical processes rely on the availability of compressed air to power critical applications, which keep plants performing, sometimes 24/7. However, compressed air isn’t a free resource. Generating it can be quite intensive, representing between 5-30% of a site’s total […]

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Choosing the best quiet air compressor for your process

If you’re looking to buy a quiet air compressor that is suited to your business, you may be considering a HPC KAESER. At Glaston, we are an authorised UK distributor of HPC KAESER compressors, and can create a bespoke compressed air package using a range of ultra-quiet air compressors and oil-free compressors that meet the […]

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Silent air compressors vs regular air compressors

In some businesses, the characteristic sound of moving air and heavy machinery simply isn’t suitable. Smaller workshops, where team members are working in close proximity to a machine for a full eight hours, require an air compressor with effective lubrication, precision engineering and additional noise insulation to absorb as much noise as possible and create […]

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Why use dental compressors from HPC KAESER?

The dental industry is heavily reliant on compressed air to power dental instruments. Dental practitioners require a constant source of clean, dry and reliable air to meet NHS guidelines and patient safety standards. Oil-free rotary screw dental compressors from HPC KAESER offer the perfect solution. Glaston explains the benefits of purchasing an HPC KAESER dental […]

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