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This is an illustration of a heat recovery system installed by Glaston compressors and Atlas Copco. It features an Atlas Copco compressor. This demonstrates how to optimise your factory to make sure you are as energy efficient as possible. Saving your business money.

What is a heat recovery system and how does it work?

Heat recovery is a great way of using wasteful heat to create more energy. Not only is this beneficial in terms of energy efficiency, but filtered air from a heat recovery system can improve the air quality of the given environment. So, what is a heat recovery system and how does a heat recovery system […]

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How Glaston is reducing energy cost with the Atlas Copco iiTrax data logging tool

The best way of finding potential energy savings in your compressed air system is to carry out an energy audit. There are many ways of doing this but the best possible way Glaston has found is by using an iiTrax data logger. To find out how we have managed to reduce energy costs, continue reading […]

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What is energy recovery? How energy recovery systems can reduce waste and cost

Manufacturing plants in a wide range of industries are always looking for innovative ways to reduce energy costs and consumption. In recent years, there has been an increase in attention paid to more sustainable methods of processing, through the reduction of harmful materials and more. Energy recovery is also a major aspect of manufacturing now, […]

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What can you expect from Glaston’s air compressor maintenance package?

When compressed air is used within an industrial or commercial application, maintenance of the air compressor system is imperative to the overall efficiency of the system. At Glaston, we provide an exceptional air compressor maintenance service to keep your compressor in top working condition. Continue reading to discover what you can expect from our compressor […]

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How compressed air filtration systems benefit the food manufacturing industry

What are the different types of compressors?

After deciding that your application requires an air compressor, and working out how much air you need, how you’re going to power it, and how you’re going to drive the compressor, you need to decide which one you actually need. Fortunately, Glaston is here to help. Continue reading our helpful guide on the different types […]

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How the HPC blower range keeps industry going

How long do air compressors last?

Air compressor systems are crucial to industrial and commercial operations, so maintenance of a compressed air system is vital to how well it performs. Proper and regular maintenance of an air compressor ensures that the system can continue to operate efficiently and effectively. When looked after properly, air compressors can last for many years. So, […]

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