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Chemical Industry Awards June 2011

Glaston Compressors were kindly invited to a prestigious awards ceremony by their client Rockwood Additives. The Chemical Industry Awards ceremony was held in Birmingham in the historic Great Hall in the University of Birmingham on June 23rd 2011.

Rockwood Additives Limited were shortlisted for the EDF Energy Low Carbon Award due to the significant 37% improvement in specific power used to manufacturer inorganic chemicals. Part of the reduction in energy usage came from the reduction in compressed air costs following a successful project by Glaston Compressors back in 2007.

As part of the continual improvement process at Rockwood Additives a full review of the compressed air usage on site was undertaken in 2007. Rockwood invited Glaston Compressors to analyse the site air usage and suggest any performance improvements that could be made to benefit the site.

After a comprehensive compressor audit it was determined that the installation of a 160kW variable speed drive compressor, in this case a HPC DSDX302SFC, along with a zero purge desiccant dryer would save Rockwood over £30,000 per annum. The new zero purge dryer would supersede the six heatless regenerative desiccant dryers used on site that were so costly to run. The new 160 kW compressor would enable Rockwood to generate air in the most efficient method possible to meet the production requirements.

As part of Rockwood’s energy monitoring and control philosophy both the new dryer and the new compressor were installed onto the profibus network so site can comprehensively monitor the compressed air.

As part of the ongoing energy reduction process Glaston visits Rockwood on a regular basis to ensure that the compressor equipment is maintained to the highest level and is working as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately Rockwood Additives didn’t win the EDF Energy Low Carbon Award on this occasion but a great night was had by all and the recognition for making the final six on the short list for this award was an honour in itself.

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