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Crisis Management from Glaston – Responding to Nitrogen Generator breakdowns

For many businesses, nitrogen generators fulfil a critical function. In some cases, this is because nitrogen is part of a safety feature, used in the prevention of fire or enabling the safe storage of volatile chemicals. In other cases, it is the business which is critical, and the nitrogen generators are a part of providing that critical service, such as in the case of pharmaceutical production or in food production plants.

Glaston’s Nitrogen generator service through lockdown

During the Covid-19 crisis, the UK’s food processors and supply chain has become more critical than ever. Fears over the availability of imports and a higher demand from shoppers has meant that it has been critical to keep food processing plants running round the clock to meet demand. Nitrogen generators are used in food and drink processing to displace oxygen and protect the food from the bacteria and other organisms which can cause the decay of food. Oxidation is another cause of food decay, again allayed by the use of nitrogen. Here at Glaston, our part in keeping these plants running during lockdown was based on our ethos of reliability and service; we remained on call to respond to breakdowns for nitrogen generator repairs throughout the lockdown period, supporting those critical industries who continued to work throughout such a difficult time.

Nitrogen generator repair services

Services from Glaston, thanks to our knowledge of nitrogen generators and our experience in designing, supplying and installing them, also includes an emergency nitrogen generator repair function. However, if you choose to purchase or hire this type of equipment from us, we offer nitrogen generator maintenance and servicing facilities as a package, preventing the need for emergency repairs by ensuring that generators are kept in top condition.

What is nitrogen generator maintenance?

Food industry regulations state that any nitrogen used in the production and packaging of food must be fit for purpose and that companies must be able to prove as much. The best way to ensure that these stringent standards are met is to make sure that your nitrogen generator service and maintenance is carried out as recommended, and that all documentation is kept up to date. Glaston’s recommendation is that nitrogen generator maintenance is carried out every 6 months. The nitrogen generator service that we offer as part of the maintenance contract includes:

  • Ensuring the efficiency of the generator by checking its overall operating proficiency.
  • Re-calibration of the nitrogen sensor.
  • Overhauling of the inlet and outlet valves.
  • Changing the Carbon Molecular Sieve, where required.
  • Changing the inlet filters that protect the nitrogen generator.

Why is it important to carry out nitrogen generator maintenance?

As well as conforming to industry standards, a regular nitrogen generator service makes sure that the equipment is operating at its optimum. If the molecular sieve or filters are not changed when necessary, or the valves aren’t cleaned, it could lead to a reduction in the purity of the nitrogen output or even total failure of the equipment. It is also important to ensure that the compressor remains in good service. A breakdown through a failure to carry out nitrogen generator maintenance can, ultimately, either lead to a shut-down of parts of a processing plant whilst waiting for a nitrogen generator repair or will impact the integrity of the goods being produced or the safety of personnel on-site, depending on the function of the generator.
Glaston offer nitrogen generator maintenance contracts tailored to suit our customers’ needs, alongside a design and installation service to provide you with the correct solution overall. We work with you to ensure that the nitrogen generator service schedule fits your requirements, including the maintenance of the air compressor systems for the entire facility if an overall solution is required. Call one of our engineers today to find out more about our nitrogen generator maintenance service: call 01695 510010 or email

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