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Designing a portable compressor for use at Liverpool Docks

Here at Glaston Compressor Services, we love to share our latest technological triumphs with you! Our most recent one was the creation of a bespoke compressor for a customer based at Liverpool Docks. This customer needed a compressor that would comfortably fit inside a container so that it could easily be transported around the city’s famous docks.

What the customer needed

Our customer, based on Liverpool Docks, needed a compressed air supply of at least 6m³/min. The air supply had to be very high-quality air that met ISO Class 1.2.1. However, the customer also had another requirement that meant the engineers at Glaston had to put their heads together to come up with an innovative and cost-effective solution.

The customer needed their compressed air solution to be in a shipping container. This would allow it to be easily transported around Liverpool Docks to service the needs of different sites around the docklands.

What Glaston did

The team of engineers at Glaston soon came up with a solution! We designed an air compressor unit with an HPC Kaeser Compressor BSD75. This system came complete with a desiccant dryer, with all of the required filtration and a separate air receiver. All of this was housed in a standard-sized shipping container that would be transported around the docks.

The outside of the container has one quick electrical 3-phase connection point and one quick-release compressed air connection point. This was designed to make the compressed air solution in the shipping container a very easy to use, plug-and-play solution.

The shipping container was then modified with a fully automated ductwork control system. This means that in the hot summer months, the warm air is ducted out of the container to prevent overheating. In the cold winter months, the air is recirculated to keep the equipment above freezing temperatures. This ensures that the system remains reliable, time after time.

The container package was designed and put together in-house here at Glaston’s dedicated and purpose-built workshop. This container compressed air system was built to exceed all pressure system regulations, whilst also being NICEIC electrically certified.

What happened as a result?

Here at Glaston Compressor Services, we are proud of the compressed air solutions that we design and install for our customers, who come from a variety of industrial sectors. This air compressor system, designed and built for use in a portable shipping container, was sold alongside a full five-year warranty. The solution has now been in use for many months, running almost continuously, even through the cold snap over Winter 2020.

This solution had to be turned around in under six weeks, which meant we had to meet a very tight deadline. However, we were up for the challenge and had this turned around in the required time, leading to one very happy customer!


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