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Designing and building a test rig for a large engineering solutions provider

Here at Glaston, we love getting stuck into solving a problem, no matter what the environment. That’s why, when Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows approached us to design and build a test rig for one of their engineering applications, we jumped at the opportunity to put our technical know-how to the test to give them an innovative solution.

What the customer needed

Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows was established in 1975 as a family-run organisation, serving the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Since this time, they have continued to evolve into a market-leading supplier of precision sheet metal fabrication to the aerospace and fluid controls industries.

Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows contacted Glaston Compressor Services to design and build a test rig to test the rotary and telescopic actuators that are built into aircraft wings. These rotary and telescopic actuators are used to de-ice the wings of aircraft before take-off and whilst in flight.

This test rig needed to be able to apply a high and low-pressure static pressure test, as well as to test during extension, whilst also rotating at various pressures and combinations. Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows also wanted a test rig that was mobile, as it needed to be used at different locations.

The final requirement put in place by Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows was that they wanted to make use of the existing low-pressure compressed air that is already on-site at their facility. Naturally, here at Glaston Compressor Services, we were excited to get our teeth into a new challenge and couldn’t wait to start work on this exciting test rig project.

What Glaston did

Upon reviewing the customer’s requirements, it was easy to see that the team at Glaston needed to use an HPC Pressure Booster to boost the pressure from 7.5 bar to 30 bar. This was a result of the mobile test rig needing to include a high-pressure booster, a high-pressure dryer, high and low-pressure inline filtration, high and low-pressure pneumatic control panel, boost motor starter, safety equipment, as well as high and low-pressure interconnecting pipework.

The team at Glaston opted to use HPC KAESER boosters and compressors, as these are known worldwide as a class-leading, low specific energy consumption compressor, which will help us to achieve the lowest possible operating costs. Furthermore, HPC KAESER compressor systems are renowned throughout the industry for their reliability and resilience, delivering quiet operation and low maintenance costs 24/7.

Terry Corringham, Area Sales Manager at Glaston comments: “the HPC KAESER range of boosters and compressors are state of the art and the most energy-efficient equipment money can buy. Although not the cheapest in today’s market when benchmarked against competitors, they will repay the initial investment with year on year running cost savings over the compressor’s life.”

What happened as a result?

Mike Novachec of Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows commented: “Glaston has delivered a first-class service with their knowledge and expertise. The Installation was well-planned and executed with no interruption to production. We look forward to our current compressor providing a long and efficient life and look forward to working with Glaston for the foreseeable future.”

Here at Glaston, we are passionate about delivering first-class compressed air solutions. With over 30 years of experience in delivering energy-efficient air compressor solutions to a range of industries, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver bespoke solutions from initial consultation through to full installation and lifetime compressor maintenance.

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