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Do You Control Your Compressed Air?

The efficiency of your air compressors is a major contributor to whether a factory or process is cost-effective or not. As part of the efficient running of a compressed air system then some control is required, after all it’s no good having energy-efficient air compressors only for them to run more than is required.

The British Compressed Air Society believes that 70% of all companies in the UK use compressed air due to its flexibility, reliability, efficiency and safeness as an energy source.

With such large amounts of compressed air being used, it may be surprising to know that up to 30% of all compressed air generated is wasted through air leaks or misuse. With energy representing 70% of a compressors lifecycle costs optimizing the compressors you have is essential, more so if you are operating older less efficient compressors.

There are numerous ways to reduce compressed air generation costs.

1) The first is to look at how the air is used. Does the site have air leaks that can be rectified? Is the compressed air used inappropriately? Can the compressed air be used at a lower pressure?

2) The second avenue to explore is, are you operating the most efficient compressors. Not all compressors are the same and whilst they might look alike variations in performance can be dramatic. However, for those companies that are unable to make an economic investment in capital equipment during these times then this avenue may not be possible to go down.

3) The third avenue is to investigate how the compressors are controlled. For a modest investment, a controller can be installed to optimize the compressed air generation to provide compressed air at the lowest possible costs. Controllers are now very advanced whether is be a Glaston developed AirStar controller or a HPC/Kaeser advanced Sigma Control Air Manager. In both cases, remote telemetry is available allowing off-site optimisation as well as easy reporting for measurement of compressor efficiencies. A further spinoff of improved control is reduced maintenance costs, afterall, if the compressors are running less then they will need servicing less often.

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