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Energy efficiency and savings with SIGMA Air Management

Businesses who run compressor systems for a variety of air systems – compressors, blowers and/or vacuum units – will know the frustration of the machines fighting for control and not providing you with optimum output. However reliable and efficient your air compressors, however carefully they have been installed, the design and control of the overall system is critical for achieving ultimate efficiencies. A key element of Industry 4.0 is the rolling out of data collection and data-driven decisions to achieve optimum results – bringing the Internet of Things (IOT) to production and processing facilities. The SIGMA Air Management system does just that, and we are here to tell you all about it.

What is the SIGMA Air Management system?

The SIGMA Air Management system is comprised of a controller, software and sensors. It has been designed to monitor an entire compressed air system, which may comprise multiple air compressors, and react in real time to any issues. It also provides real-time statistics as well as historical performance metrics.

How does the SIGMA Air Management system lead to cost savings?

Compressed air can be a significant utility cost for a processing facility. Very often, multi-unit air compressor systems operate on their individual controls and are not properly integrated. By monitoring your entire air compressor system using SIGMA Air Management, you can match supply to demand. This means that when they aren’t needed, the compressors are switched off – not wasting energy through idling or cycling – and the output of the system is balanced to ensure that the correct pressure is being delivered where it is needed. This saves on energy consumption and therefore money.

Reduced cycling and idling, in turn, reduces the wear and tear on the air compressor motor, saving on maintenance costs. The integrated sensors are also designed to catch issues or faults before they happen.

Including the SIGMA Air Management system when you undertake an air compressor installation gives you the ability to project and plan for servicing, and even load-balance the system allowing for zero down time during required maintenance.

How does the SIGMA Air Management system work?

The SIGMA Air Management controller is the central mastermind, overseeing the entire air compressor network. The specialist software, implemented as part of your air compressor design package, undertakes continuous system evaluation, transmitting data and relevant information to control centres or end users’ digital devices. Not only does the SIGMA Air Management system provide day-to-day control of all your components to ensure the best delivery of compressed air to each application, but the diagnostics and predictive demand tools ensure that preventative maintenance and servicing is carried out at the ideal point in time, reducing day-to-day energy costs as well as demonstrating a reduction in service costs of up to 30%.

How and when to implement the SIGMA Air Management system

If your compressed air demand is growing and expanding along with your business, then the perfect time is now. Due to the classification of the product as an energy saving technology, it is currently eligible for 100% tax relief under the ECA scheme. SIGMA will grow alongside your air compressor needs, integrating additional equipment as you invest.

Glaston are experts in air compressor design, and this valuable tool should be a consideration from any business looking to improve efficiencies through data-driven decisions. We will work with you to understand your current usage and how the SIGMA Air Management system might benefit you, including it as part of our air compressor installation service; a seamless route to better control over your compressor system and cost savings through reduced energy consumption and air compressor maintenance and servicing.

Talk to us today to find out more about KAESER’s SIGMA Air Management system on 01695 51010.

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