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Glaston – Experts in Air Compressor Maintenance

Glaston Compressor Services Ltd is a UK leading specialist in air compressor intelligent control, air compressor maintenance, nitrogen generators and energy management systems. With a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficient products, Glaston works with a diverse range of industries.

Regular servicing and air compressor maintenance is integral to the consistent performance and quality of your compressed air system. Compressed air is a vital tool in a range of industry sectors, ranging from aerospace and automotive, to power stations, recycling, food, textiles and fish farming. Compressed air can run tools and machinery, provide power for material handling systems and ensures clean, fresh air in polluted environments. As compressed air systems are crucial for industrial and commercial operations, air compressor maintenance is essential too. Air compressor maintenance ensures the upkeep of your air compressor and continual operational efficiency.

Neglecting the maintenance of an air compressor may poison the entire air system and may subsequently lead to other problems which will hinder the smooth and efficient operation of a machine on a day to day basis. The pressure of the compressor must be at its highest level to ensure it is functioning efficiently. If there are any leaks in the distribution piping, and contaminated dryer heat exchanger, this may cause the lowering of pressure at the time of operation. Moreover, the malfunctioning of a compressor air dryer may bring water into the pipelines. Therefore, it is necessary to change the compressor air dryer when required.

The improper pressure switch setting may lead to excessive load per hour ratio. This can be rectified by adjusting the setting in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, other serious problems which can be avoided with regular air compressor maintenance, include:-

  • Restricted air flow
  • Reduction in the level of oil
  • Restricted oil flow

The restricted airflow can be remedied by clean cooler exterior and checking of inlet filter mats. The level of the oil can be maintained by checking the compressor level regularly and adding oil if necessary. Finally, the restricted flow of oil can be rectified by removing the restriction or changing necessary parts.  Maintaining your air compressor can save you both time and money in the future.

At Glaston Compressor Services, our team of highly qualified and experienced service engineers is fully committed to delivering total customer satisfaction.  We specialise in the supply, design, installation and maintenance of energy saving applications. We supply a range of leading brands and are an authorised distributor of KAESER HPC Compressors. We have built a strong reputation in the UK for our knowledge, technical experience and high levels of service.

Glaston provides single source responsibility contracts to many of our clients whereby we manage, operate and maintain the air compressor systems for the entire facility/factory thus offering total reliability, service and cost benefits.

We service the following compressors – KAESER HPC, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, CompAir, Hydrovane and Worthington.

For further information on how Glaston can assist you with your compressed air and nitrogen generation supplies, please contact us now on 01695 51010, or email

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