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Why buy a KAESER air compressor?

KAESER Compressors are world-renowned for their unparalleled performance, energy savings and precision German engineering. The emperor of air compressors is available to UK buyers right here from Glaston. We’re proud to be KAESER air compressor distributors. Which is why we wanted to give you a few reasons why we think you would be well advised to buy a KAESER air compressor.

Who is KAESER?

KAESER was established in 1919 as a machine workshop. However, it started on the road to becoming one of the world’s leading compressed air systems providers in the 1950s. Founder, Carl Kaeser Sr., made the visionary decision to begin manufacturing reciprocating compressors. KAESER cemented their market-leading position among the world’s top compressed air system suppliers with their breakthrough rotary screw airend featuring the SIGMA PROFILE.

With the expertise and commitment of more than 5000 dedicated employees worldwide, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN now ranks among the world’s largest and most successful compressor manufacturers in the world. The air compressor giants export compressed air system equipment to virtually every corner of the planet, from their 150,000 m2 Coburg plant.

Why buy a KAESER air compressor?

 At Glaston, we have been dedicated KAESER air compressor distributors for decades. Why? Because we truly believe in the quality, performance and reliability of their first-class air compressor products. Here are just a few more reasons to buy a KAESER air compressor.

KAESER SIGMA PROFILE – Developed by KAESER and continuously enhanced ever since, the KAESER SIGMA PROFILE achieves power savings of up to 15 percent compared with conventional screw airend rotor profiles. All KAESER rotary screw airends feature this energy-saving rotor profile and are designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency. The generously-sized, precision-aligned roller bearings and close-tolerance machining guarantee long service life and out- standing reliability.

The SIGMA CONTROL 2 – Featuring a highly flexible modular design, the SIGMA CONTROL 2 allows the basic standard elements of this versatile control system to be adapted to suit the needs of any rotary screw compressor from the extensive range of KAESER KOMPRESSOREN. Comprising a main control unit and separate input/output modules, this modular concept therefore enhances communication and user friendliness.

Low life-cycle costs – Energy costs taken over the lifetime of any air compressor add up to many times that of the initial capital cost, which can make any purchase price difference a false economy. Efficiency and reliability are vital in the production of compressed air and KAESER achieves these objectives with quality, durable components that are built to last. Energy-saving KAESER rotary screw compressors can help users to significantly reduce their compressed air costs.

Energy efficiency – Investment and service costs account for only a small part of a compressor’s total life-cycle costs. Since energy accounts for the lion’s share of those costs, it’s wise to save with KAESER Life-Cycle Management. KAESER has been committed to minimising your energy costs for com- pressed air production for over 40 years. We also have the bigger picture in clear focus when it comes to service and maintenance, as well as maximum compressed air supply availability.

Glaston are KAESER air compressor distributors

As official KAESER air Compressor distributors, we can supply their exemplary range of air compressor products via their UK arm, HPC. So, for more information, or to discuss your air compressor requirements further, please contact Glaston today on 01695 51010 or email

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