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High performance, even in adverse conditions, with oil-free compressors

Air compressors are the workhorses of many industrial processing and manufacturing plants. They provide the energy that powers tools and equipment both inside the factory and, if using a diesel generated compressor, outdoors in all sorts of conditions. It is an expectation that an air compressor will work tirelessly, with minimal maintenance and without being impacted by its working environment or the application which it is servicing. The KAESER oil-free compressors available from Glaston have a superb reputation for high performance regardless of their working conditions. Find out more about how these rotary screw compressors maintain such consistent outputs in all conditions.

Why choose an oil-free compressor?

Oil free compressors come with some distinct advantages over oil lubricated compressors; they require less maintenance, are lighter in weight, cheaper to purchase and, critically, will produce compressed air which is 100% free of oil contaminants. But how do these rotary screw compressors perform when their environment is not set at optimum working conditions?

Oil-free compressors in high temperatures

It is commonplace for oil lubricated compressors to be the go-to choice for higher temperatures, particularly where humidity is high, due to their ability to quickly dissipate heat and therefore provide a greater resistance to rust and corrosion. However, oil-free compressors are generally designed to work in temperatures of up to 40˚C and high temperatures are less commonplace in the UK than low temperatures. With both air-cooled and water-cooled options available in our KAESER oil-free compressor range, you can pick the most suitable option for your application.

Oil-free compressors in low temperatures

Compressors are often housed in rooms that are not particularly well protected from the cold over winter – particularly given that air compressors produce a lot of heat when running and these environments help them to maintain ideal operating temperatures during the rest of the year. There is a myth that oil lubricated compressors are designed to run at a cooler overall temperature than oil-free compressors and therefore better withstand extreme low temperatures. In actual fact, the dual-pump designs used by rotary screw compressors enable them to achieve the required air pressures in around half the number of revolutions, meaning that they actually run cooler, and they use heat-dissipating cylinders to run at a lower temperature. Combine this with the fact that oil lubricated compressors have a tendency for their oil to turn viscous and fail to provide the required level of lubrication at low temperatures, and you will see that oil-free compressors come out on top for low-temperature environments.

Why are KAESER oil-free compressors ideal for low temperatures?

The HPC oil-free compressors that we supply use KAESER’s unique heat recovery system, ensuring that up to 96% of the compressor exhaust heat is recycled. Additionally, these rotary screw compressors are able to withstand extreme temperatures as a result of the full-flow regeneration that they use, providing effective drying and heat recovery.
If you are looking for an oil-free compressor for use in adverse conditions, the KAESER oil-free rotary screw compressor is the ideal solution. Why not get in touch with one of our engineers to find out more; call us on 01695 51010 or email

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