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How Glaston is reducing energy cost with the Atlas Copco iiTrax data logging tool

The best way of finding potential energy savings in your compressed air system is to carry out an energy audit. There are many ways of doing this but the best possible way Glaston has found is by using an iiTrax data logger. To find out how we have managed to reduce energy costs, continue reading our latest article.

What is an energy audit?

Ensuring an air compression system is running as efficiently as possible is crucial, especially with high electricity prices. At Glaston, we provide an expert energy audit service that helps you identify how much your compressed air system is costing you. We identify areas where you can save money as well as improve and maintain your current system’s performance.
We offer thorough, data-driven energy audits that provide solutions to improve your air compression system and cut down not only on annual spending but also your carbon footprint.

What does the iiTrax data logger do?

Electrical energy is the most common energy source for industrial compressed air production. Generally, the cost of energy will amount to more than 70% of the total cost of ownership. However, this cost can be reduced through things like energy recovery and reduction of pressure, as well as leak detection, and the optimisation of operations through the correct choice of compressor size, control and regulation system.

Here’s how the iiTrax system helps to reduce costs in three simple steps:

  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Save.


The iiTrax is the first step in a simple energy audit. The system measures the efficiency of your existing compressed air installation and, combined with your specific future requirements, the data provides an understanding of the behaviour of electricity, helping to improve your energy efficiency.


This simulation uses your installed system as a reference and actually proposes a system that is  most suited to present and future air demand. A complete report is then created that makes it simple to analyse the potential payback on future investments.


Now comes the important part. After the audit is completed by the iiTrax data logging tool, a best-fit solution for your compressed air system will be recommended. Because of this, you can have peace of mind that your system is energy efficient. Alternatively,  you can select a compressor that matches your compressed air needs based on your specific profile and the results of the data analysis.

Why is a Glaston energy audit beneficial to you?

Using iiTrax, Glaston will fit equipment that logs currents to every compressor in your system. Over a seven-day period, we will record and map all consumed energy which shows the actual running hours and calculated air usage.

The savings that you can make on an air compressor energy audit recover the process’ initial expenditure. Compressed air energy audits are worthwhile to your business as just a few simple changes can save your business thousands per year in costs.

In our experience at Glaston, we have seen that most companies that make small changes for the benefit of their air compressor system have the potential to save a significant amount annually. Some larger manufacturers have made many tens of thousands of pounds of electricity cost savings as well as large reductions in their CO2 emissions.

This all reflects a considerable amount of savings for just one service.

Energy audits and more at Glaston

As well as energy audits, we provide a lot more services at Glaston. We have a deep and extensive knowledge of air compressor systems so are able to perform high-quality air compressor maintenance as well as design and installation.
If you’re also in need of air compressor spare parts, you can find them at Glaston. For anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01695 51010.

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