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How HPC air compressors can reduce costs in your business

Do you want to cut costs on compressed air? Many businesses rely on compressed air either for manufacturing purposes, or to maintain a service to customers. The medical sector relies on compressed air to provide breathing apparatus and for tools used for surgical procedures. Banks use compressed air to operate door systems and some jewellers transport their small goods through an internal pipework system using compressed air.

Compressed air is everywhere. So too, is the ever-growing need for cost-efficient air compressors. Could your business benefit from a reduction in overheads?

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The glowing reputation of HPC air compressors

HPC Compressed Air Systems is the UK subsidiary of world-renowned air compressor manufacturers, Kaeser. They are a market-leader in the manufacture of industrial air compressors and focus on versatility, ease of use and most importantly, cost efficient designs.

The brand’s compressed air systems feature a calling-card yellow colour that can be seen up and down the country. The versatility of these air compressors means they’re suitable for a number of industries. Everyone from power stations to independent workshops are catered for with HPC air compressors.

One of the most impressive elements of the HPC compressed air network is the unique controller system, Sigma Air Manager (SAM). Used alongside a HPC air compressor, this air management system can reduce costs even further, by giving you the power to control every aspect of your compressed air usage.

How Sigma Air Manager software works

The Sigma Air Manager controller uses advanced algorithms to control and monitor every aspect of your HPC air compressor system. The simple interface displays real-time data to ensure that your compressed air consumption is always visible and easy to regulate.

This air compressor controller uses preventative maintenance software and remote diagnostics, which allow you to identify when your compressed air system should be serviced. This helps to avoid costly downtime and ensures an efficient and smooth-running system at all times.

Advanced technology used within this management tool ensures it qualifies for the Energy Technology List (ETL). This means that the SAM management system is eligible for 100% tax relief under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme.

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HPC air compressor accessories

There are various accessories that will complement your HPC air compressor system and ensure maximum cost efficiency. Using a management control system, like the SAM controller, is just one way to ensure noticeable energy savings. HPC air compressors should be used in conjunction with compressed air filters, dryers, receivers, condensate drains and oil/water separators.

These components are installed and maintained in accordance with your wider compressed air management system. When all components are perfectly in sync, you will see the most effective cost savings for your business.

Where to find HPC air compressor suppliers

In the North West, Glaston Compressor Services is the leading supplier of HPC Kaeser compressed air systems. Our specialist team of engineers have many years of experience in compressor services and have formed a particularly strong understanding of HPC Kaeser products.

Glaston also offers a finance option to help you manage your monthly outgoings even further. Similar to buying a new car or any other large purchase, Glaston will finance your compressed air system across various packages that you can choose according to your circumstances.

To find out how you could reduce costs in your business with a HPC air compressor system, contact the team at Glaston on 01695 51010 to discuss your requirements. We can offer a bespoke service to meet the unique demands of your business. Just take a look at our case studies to get a feel for the service we offer.

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