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How the HPC blower range keeps industry going

Industrial air blowers are used throughout industry in a wide range of applications. Industries from agriculture to medical, automotive to food processing all use air compressor blowers. We take a closer look at how UK industrial air blowers are used and how they benefit industry through the maximisation of productivity.

What are UK industrial air blowers used for?

Air compressor blowers provide a whole range of functions for different applications, including combustion, exhaust, particulate transportation, cooling, drying and aeration. An uninterrupted supply of air is critical in any industrial processing plant, where downtime means reduced output and therefore costs the business money. It is critical that air blowers are reliable, minimal in maintenance requirements and capable of providing the type and pressure of air flow required for the process in question.

Whilst air blowers and compressors are both used to create pressurised air systems, generally blowers deliver more air at a lower pressure and compressors provide higher pressure air at much lower volumes.

HPC blowers, supplied and installed by Glaston, are designed with a range of uses in mind such as the pneumatic conveying of materials, blowing and cooling in industrial settings as well as mobile solutions which might be used for tanker discharge, suction vehicles and use in agricultural settings.

Specialised air compressor blowers

HPC blowers are available for specialised applications where additional or variable features are used:

Corrosion resistance: rotors and block casings manufactured from specialist materials such as chromium nickel alloy and with added block sealing, mean that HPC blowers are available for use in processes such as compression of water vapour in vacuum distillation.

Low vacuum solution: used on applications such as tankers, the low vacuum OMEGA PV option is suitable for low vacuum applications whilst being incredibly robust.

Nitrogen conveying: Leakages in these kinds of applications must be avoided, and specialised HPC blowers are designed for conveying bulk materials under nitrogen atmospheric conditions.

Many applications require specific air quality, for example a low temperature or low humidity environment or clean air, free of contaminants. They may also be installed in an environment where extra protection is needed, for example in outdoor usage. The UK industrial air blowers from HPC are available with specific components to ensure that your environmental and air quality requirements are met. These include:

  • a heat exchanger to ensure that the air produced is cool regardless of the ambient temperature,
  • desiccant dryers to prevent the formation of condensate by reducing the pressure dewpoint of the processed air,
  • environmental protection such as weather screens, fans, silencers and air ducting.

These additional features mean that whatever the needs of your operating situation and the environmental difficulties, an HP blower can be adapted to suit your application.

Glaston are experienced suppliers and installers of UK industrial air blowers and will work with you to review your set-up requirements and your usage needs. As partners of HPC Kaeser compressors, we have access to some of the best air compressor blowers on the market and would be happy to talk you through the options available. Call us now on 01695 51010 or email us on to arrange a discussion.


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