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How the Smart Era will change the compressed air industry

The Smart Era is predicted to revolutionise the compressed air industry, thanks to a rise in new technology that will drive faster response times, reduce service requirements and promote a more efficient use of energy. Glaston Compressor Services examines how the Smart Era will improve air compressor management and what tools on the market are already driving this change.

Innovative air compressor energy management

According to a recent article published on Plant & Works Engineering, the compressed air industry is looking ahead to a smart future. Technology has advanced in accordance with a growing push for businesses to be more efficient in the way they manage their compressed air supply and the cost-effectiveness of their processes.

But it is not just cost-effectiveness that will be improved through smarter technology. According to Michael Douglas, Managing Director at Glaston Compressor Services, faster response times will be driven by intelligent system intervention, or a combination of human and artificial influences. He believes that a routine service could soon be undertaken remotely, reducing call-out times and admin time.

“It won’t be long before the compressed air industry investigates how innovative 3D and 4D remote visualisation software, which is already out there, can be used to benefit the industry,” says Michael.

One piece of equipment already light-years ahead in terms of compressor management is the KAESER Sam 4.0 air compressor controller. This intelligent controller is the mastermind of the KAESER Sigma network and uses unique algorithms to power the whole air compressor system to its best capacity.

KAESER Sam Controller

KAESER says of the innovative tool: “Compressed air is one of the biggest utility costs. Too often, compressors in multi-unit systems operate on their individual control signals and are not well integrated. Much energy is wasted by running more machines than necessary and at higher pressures than needed. Other problems include fluctuating pressure, as well as increased maintenance and repair costs due to excessive valve cycling and motor starts.

“The Sigma Air Manager 4.0 offers complete compressed air system management for industrial plants, by tying your compressors, blowers, or vacuum units together into a secure Sigma Network. The Kaeser SAM controller can also balance load hours for more effective maintenance scheduling. Its powerful 3D Advanced Control improves pressure stability reliability, while the built-in Kaeser Connect web server provides remote monitoring and ongoing energy audit information according to ISO 50001 energy management.”

Sigma Air Manager 4.0

How does SAM controller improve air compressor energy management?

The SAM controller from Kaeser uses numerous features to help businesses run a more cost-effective compressed air supply. The main being advanced algorithms that adjust the compressed air supply in accordance with the most effective and efficient outcome.

  • Part of the Kaeser Sigma network
  • Easy software upgrades that grow with your business
  • Adaptive 3D Advanced Control
  • Kaeser Sigma Smart Air remote diagnostics
  • RFIC access with a secure login
  • Live interface with a colour touchscreen
  • Comms and data in real-time with the Industrial Internet of Things
  • On-demand energy reports
  • Programmable SAM 4.0 logic
  • Easy connection operational and energy data

How the Kaeser air compressor controller moves with the Smart Era

The SAM Kaeser air compressor controller forms the heart of the Sigma Network. Its key technology works in conjunction with the advanced world of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. When used as part of your compressed air system, the SAM controller manages every aspect of your compressed air supply.

If you’d like more information about the KAESER SAM controller and how it could improve your compressed air system, contact a Glaston engineer today on 01695 51010.

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