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HPC and High Efficiency IE3 Motors Giving Maximum Energy Savings

The implementation of the EU’s new eco-design directive 2005/32/EC imposes mandatory minimum efficiencies for three-phase, low-voltage electric motors for the first time. This directive covers electric motors in the range 0.75-375kW and replaces the voluntary agreement on motor efficiency standards that has existed since 1998 between the European sector committee for electric drive systems (CEMEP) and the European Commission.

Central to the new Directive is IEC 60034-30:2009 which is a new harmonised IE (International Efficiency) standard that will replace the current voluntary EFF labelling scheme (EN 60034-2:1996) from July 2011. Under the new IE classifications, the present EFF2 standard efficiency classification becomes IE1; EFF1 high efficiency becomes IE2; and IE3 is the new classification for premium efficiency. Maximum Energy Savings Maximum Energy Savings

Already well ahead of the curve setting new standards Kaeser / HPC Compressors are already supplying IE3 motors as standard on the majority of the range. In contrast, at this time no other major compressor manufacturer is offering these premium efficiency IE3 motors. Once again Kaeser and HPC are setting the standard for high efficiency compressors over all the competition. Maximum Energy Savings

Here at Glaston we specialise in high efficiency compressed air systems. You can be sure that we only supply premium, industrial rated, high efficiency equipment. Through numerous independent audits we have been shown time and time again to provide the very best world class systems throughout all facets of UK manufacturing industry. In fact installations designed and installed by Glaston can now be found in Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Greece, Puerto Rico, Tunisia and many other parts of the world.

For more information on air compressors, nitrogen generators and vacuum pumps, contact Glaston today.

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