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Introducing our air compressor range

Air compressors are the workhorses of industrial plants, keeping tools and equipment powered continually to ensure efficient output and optimum production rates.

Air compressors are often the unsung heroes of the world of manufacturing, but as production managers all over the UK already know, selecting the right one for your requirements and then keeping it in great working order is paramount to a successful plant. We take a look in more detail at our range of air compressors, including HPC compressors and KAESER compressors UK, and explain why we have selected them as two of the best options for our customers.

KAESER UK Compressors

KAESER is a global leader in air compressor systems and have been in business for over 100 years, with their manufacture facilities based in Germany. During this period they have developed a reputation for reliability, cost-effectiveness and quality. Glaston chose to be the KAESER compressor UK distributor because of their focus on cost-effective and energy efficient equipment using integrated systems for effective production control.

HPC Compressors

HPC Compressed Air Systems have been a UK manufacturing supplier for over fifty years, with their distinctive yellow and red logo recognisable in many prominent processing and industrial settings. HPC compressors are designed and manufactured in partnership with KAESER; with HPC developing the high precision air-end components and KAESER the rest of the system, the HPC compressor brand has developed an enviable reputation throughout the UK.

Air compressors from Glaston

We work in partnership to supply and fit both HPC compressors and KAESER UK compressors. We work with our customers to assess their usage, environment and overall requirements and put together an air compressor system to suit their needs and their budget. Whilst we are not officially Atlas Copco UK distributors, we do have access to their parts and equipment for servicing and maintenance, and often supply parts or full machines from the Atlas Copco range where they offer the best solution.

KAESER UK compressor range

KAESER UK’s compressor systems include the Sigma Air Manager, a master controller designed to work with multiple compressors to balance service hours and maintain output amongst other things; for plants using multiple compressors, vacuum pumps and dryers, it is the ultimate way to ensure efficiencies and to optimise output. Other KAESER UK compressors include the SK series, the BSD series and the HSD series of rotary screw compressors. This selection enables us to choose the most appropriate equipment for your precise requirements.

HPC compressors

The HPC range includes: stationary reciprocating compressors for versatility; vacuum screw solutions for extraction, degassing and filtration; oil free rotary screw compressors for purity under extreme conditions; and fluid cooling rotary screw compressors for operating at high temperatures.

Whatever your air compressor requirements, Glaston has partnerships with renowned manufacturers so that we can select the right system for you, whether that includes an HPC compressor, a KAESER UK compressor or one of our second-hand models. We can also assist with your ongoing servicing and maintenance needs including Atlas Copco UK distributor parts.

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