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Introducing the new FSD Rotary Screw Compressor from HPC KAESER

When your business is using significant volumes of compressed air, it is not just the air system reliability that is important but also the efficiency and flexibility of compressed air production. The new HPC KAESER FSD 3 series rotary screw compressors have a free air delivery of up to 54 m³/min. The FSD rotary screw compressor has also been designed to be space-saving.

Why choose a rotary screw compressor?

Air cooled rotary screw compressors are up to 60% more cost effective than water cooled compressors. This energy saving advantaged can now be realised for large drive powers. The FSD compressor rotary screw compressor series produces drive powers of over 250 kW.
The radial fan in HPC KAESER’s highly effective cooling system draws in ambient air directly through the cooler without being pre-warmed to ensure optimum cooling performance. FSD compressors can therefore be used in ambient temperatures as high as + 45 °C. All FSD models are also optionally available as water-cooled versions.

Another significant innovation in the HPC KAESER FSD compressor series is the Electronic Thermo Management (ETM) system. Integrated inside the ETM system is a thermostat-controlled radial fan for fluid cooling helps achieve further energy savings. ETM regulates oil temperature to ensure a safe and consistent differential from the dew point temperature, thereby avoiding unnecessarily high compressed air discharge temperatures and leading to additional energy savings.

With the heat recovery option a second ETM system assures optimised and even more efficient usage of the available heat energy. The airend is directly driven by an energy-saving IE4 super premium efficiency motor that operates at a low speed of 1490 rpm.
Direct drive not only eliminates the transmission losses associated with gear drive, but also reduces energy consumption, maintenance requirement and sounds levels. The cooling system with its unique airflow design and radial fan also plays an important role in ensuring that FSD compressors provide ultra-quiet performance.

All HPC KAESER FSD rotary screw compressors are fitted with a Sigma Control 2 as standard allowing for greater energy saving potential, reducing maintenance requirement and increases compressor system reliability and availability.

Glaston’s air compressor service

Glaston Compressor Services Ltd is an authorised UK distributor of HPC KAESER compressors, serving satisfied customers in the UK. One of Glaston’s experienced air compressor engineers would be happy to provide advice and guidance.
Glaston Compressor’s team of highly qualified and experienced service engineers’ designs, supplies and installs a large variety of compressor brands and models.
There has never been a better time to invest in a HPC Kaeser Compressor. If you are interested in significant cost savings, Glaston Compressor Services has some enticing offers available on a range of energy efficient, premium quality HPC KAESER Systems.

North West based air compressor supplier, Glaston, designs, installs and maintains air compressors and nitrogen generators around the UK and beyond. If you are looking to acquiring a rotary screw compressor, or would like expert advice, call 01695 51010 to speak to one of Glaston’s experienced engineers today, or visit our contact page.

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