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Manufacturers Shift Towards Energy Management

The continuous increase in energy prices means that manufacturers must now focus on the most effective way of managing their energy usage and ultimately reducing costs.

According to a joint survey by manufacturer’s organisation EEF and energy provider Npower, the UK’s manufacturers are increasing their investment in energy management towards a sustainable energy strategy. The survey reveals that investment in energy management is not without significant barriers, including the perception of extensive payback periods and businesses prioritising other investments.

Manufacturing companies are now beginning to address inefficiencies in their buildings and processes to try and alleviate rising costs that directly affect the bottom line. The survey showed that around one in five manufacturers are now looking to suppliers for advice on energy savings and efficiency.

Around 25% of all electricity used in UK industry powers compressed air systems. With that in mind, Glaston prides itself on offering reliable and professional advice to each individual client, basing our recommendations on their business needs and ultimately finding the most cost effective solution.

Glaston is an authorised UK distributor of HPC Kaeser compressors due to their reputable energy efficiency ratings and superior performance. Compressed air systems are a costly part of many operational facilities and cost effectiveness is key. Glaston works closely with clients to deliver a compressed air solution that is reliable, high quality and energy efficient. In addition, Glaston offers nitrogen generators that provide up to 40% savings on the cost of buying N2 cylinders.

A comprehensive preliminary assessment is carried out to determine the most cost effective and energy efficient solution. All of the compressed air and nitrogen generator systems provided are tailored to meet individual client requirements.

Energy efficiency is becoming a vital element of business strategies in the manufacturing sector. 96% of the companies surveyed quoted “reduction in energy bills” as a reason for implementing energy management. Therefore, manufacturers are relying heavily on suppliers to provide recommendations on improving energy efficiency and reducing overall costs.

For more information on how Glaston can help reduce your energy consumption and ultimately save your business money, please contact us today. Our engineers are experts in professional installation and maintenance of compressed air systems and nitrogen generators.

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