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New from Glaston Compressor Services Ltd – The new KAESER DSD Rotary Screw Compressors

KAESER Compressors dominates the air compressor market worldwide. The German based air compressor manufacturer remains at the top of its game constantly releasing new products. Looking forward, 2017 is no different and only a few weeks into the New Year KAESER Compressors has launched a range of new products including the latest generation DSD rotary screw compressors.

Glaston Compressor Services is an official UK approved distributer of HPC KAESER Compressors and offers unparalleled installation and maintenance services for the famous yellow boxed compressor brand.

The new range of DSD series compressors features a rotary screw compressor block inside each compressor. This rotary screw compressor block is equipped with flow-optimised and energy-saving Sigma Profile rotors. The new generation boasts improved profile rotors which have been further refined.

The compressors are available in both air and water cooled systems. The compressors have a drive power of 75 to 132kW, a working pressure of 5.5 to 15bar and free air deliveries from 3.6 to 25.45m3 /min. They are offered as a standard machine with an integrated refrigeration dryer and/or with Sigma Frequency Control.

The latest DSD compressors have increased power performance by up to 6% along with other optimisation measures. The new motor is a ‘super premium efficiency’ IE4 electric motor which exceeds worldwide regulations for 3 phase electric motors. The new efficiency qualities will of course contribute to lower energy costs. Transmission losses associated with gear or belt drive solutions are also further eliminated with the 1:1 direct drive systems.

The new compressor series feature a built-in Sigma Control 2. The Sigma Control is an industrial PC-based compressor controller that dynamically adjusts the flow rate to match actual compressed air demand. Sigma Controls enable compressors to run at optimum efficiency, increasing energy savings. 

Another impressive feature that is available in some of the new air compressors is heat recovery.   All compressor models can be specified with an optional integrated fluid/water plate-type exchanger and an additional fluid-thermal valve. The Sigma Control 2 controls the compressor temperature to ensure that hot process water supplied by the heat recovery system achieves the necessary water outlet temperature.

Savings will also be made because if all the heat energy is drawn off by the heat recovery system, the Sigma Control detects that cooling is no longer required at the package cooler and the fan on the oil cooler will be shut off.

Furthermore, when heat recovery is not required it can easily be deactivated via the Sigma Control 2. This is advantageous as the package reverts to operation with the lowest possible screw compressor block discharge temperature – producing further energy savings.

The heat generated by compressed air systems can be an excellent source of energy savings.  In fact, 100% of the electrical energy used by industrial air compressors is converted into heat.  Up to 96% of this heat can be recovered and put to use, significantly lowering a facility’s energy costs.  By integrating standard HVAC duct work and controls, warm air from compressors can be harnessed for many purposes.  The warm air is captured by simply ducting the air from the compressor to an adjacent room needing heating.  Air compressors can also be connected directly to a continuous process heating application, giving year-round energy savings.

Beyond energy savings, an important argument can be made for the environmental benefits that heat recovery can bring.  By implementing a heat recovery strategy, factories can help significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

The new compressors utilise a secure login via radio frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Any system changes to the compressor or service work can only be performed by authorised employees.

Glaston has been working for nearly 40 years, concreting their reputation as a UK market leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of air compressors. Glaston also supplies other products such as nitrogen generators, compressed air dryers, Legris Transair Pipework, vacuum pumps and blowers.

For more information about the new DSD rotary screw compressors contact us here

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