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Compact and refined, but with significantly more power than comparable products, the new HPC/Kaeser new generation ASK series rotary screw compressors are available from Glaston. These innovative compressors not only deliver more compressed air with more savings, but also impress with their user- and service-friendly design.

ASK rotary screw compressors are true leaders in their class when it comes to stationary compressed air applications. Thanks to further-refined Sigma Profile airends, an innovative cooling concept and high-efficiency IE3 motors, these cutting-edge air compressors perform up to 20 percent better than many comparable products on the market. ASK models are available for free air deliveries from 0.79 to 4.65 m³/min, and feature optional frequency control and / or an integrated dryer.

The integrated Sigma Control 2 controller provides efficient and intuitive control, while the energy-saving IE3 motors and radial fan (with its own dedicated motor) keep costs for energy use to a minimum.

ASK models also impress with their logical, user-friendly design, which allows all maintenance parts to be conveniently accessed from one side for easy servicing. Moreover, when closed, the enclosure with its sound-dampening insulation ensures quiet and unobtrusive operation.

The ASK Series, KAESER’s new ASK rotary screw compressors fulfil every customer requirement; they are highly energy efficient, quieter than quiet, require minimal maintenance, are extremely reliable and deliver the very best in air quality.  All of these advantages are aided through innovations in compressor design, drive system technology, cooling and ventilation, silencing and maintenance methods.

As a result, the ASK series of rotary screw compressors is a meticulously engineered and reliable product range built to KAESER’s renowned high quality standards.

The features of the new HPC/KAESER ASK Compressors include:-

  • Continuous evolution
  • Significant improvement in efficiency
  • Enhanced maximum free air delivery
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • High cooling efficiency
  • Low compressed air outlet temperatures
  • High residual thrust
  • Meets the stringent requirements regarding fan efficiency demanded by the EC directive 327/2011

Glaston Compressor Services is a UK leading supplier of Compressed Air Systems and Nitrogen Generators. We have been providing high performance, energy efficient Air Compressors for over 30 years. Glaston is one of the largest independent suppliers of Compressed Air Systems in the UK and is an authorised UK distributor of HPC Kaeser Compressors.

We supply bespoke total solutions from initial consultation through to full installation and lifetime compressor maintenance to a broad range of industries which include:-  Power Stations, Recycling, Automotive, Food, Nuclear Power and Aerospace.

Energy costs amount to over 70% of total compressed air costs.  This can therefore amount to a significant sum even for smaller compressed air systems, which is why KAESER uses the very latest technology to ensure that every compressor provides the best possible energy efficiency. These compressors form the basis for reliable and cost-effective compressed air production as part of a correctly planned and integrated compressed air supply system.

The reliability of the compressor is also key. In many cases, a reliable compressed air supply is essential to guarantee maximum performance from valuable production systems. Reliability also ensures a supply of constant quality compressed air that optimises efficiency of the air treatment equipment downstream from the compressor. With regards to sound protection, it is always better to keep noise emissions to a minimum from the outset by using a quiet compressor rather than have to retro-fit sound protection measures later on.

Glaston are experts in the design, supply and installation of energy saving applications offering the highest quality products in the market place, combined with service excellence and technical expertise. With more than 30 years of experience, we have an unrivaled reputation for compressed air services in the UK.

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