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Nitrogen Generators

Due to its versatility, nitrogen use is becoming increasingly popular in a number of industries, including laser cutting, chemical, glass and food & drinks. The key benefit of having an industrial nitrogen generator on-site is cost-effectiveness. Creating your own gas on-site ensures no costly processing, refill or deliveries. Therefore, savings of up to 80% can be made when compared to buying nitrogen cylinders or bottles. All that is needed is a supply of compressed air.

Nitrogen generator suppliers across the North West and beyond

Our team of engineers can arrange an initial consultation to help determine the recommended solution for your on-site nitrogen requirements. They will then offer professional, practical advice to ensure you are confident in your choice of nitrogen system.

Glaston engineers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of industrial nitrogen generators. For more information about our recent work, take a look at our nitrogen generator installations on the case studies page. At Glaston, our team of engineers has expertise in the design, supply, and maintenance of nitrogen generators in the UK.

For more information about the range of nitrogen generators we supply and the services we offer, download our Nitrogen Generator FAQs.

nitrogen generators

Which type of nitrogen generator is suitable for you?

Depending on purity, flow rate and a number of other considerations, there are many options to consider when it comes to nitrogen generation. The indicative optimal supply options for nitrogen generators are shown below.

Membrane nitrogen generators are based on a simple working principle. The main part of a membrane generator is the membrane module (+- 10cm in diameter), filled with small, hollow polymer fibres. Dry, clean compressed air enters and, due to the structure of these fibres, parts of the air will flow to the outside of the fibre. This process is called permeation. During permeation, water, oxygen and some of the argon exit through the membrane sides of the fibres. In the end, only nitrogen will remain.

This is possible since different molecules permeate at different speeds. H2O will permeate very quickly, oxygen takes a little longer. Argon and Nitrogen permeate rather slowly, meaning they will remain in the fibres long after the H2O and oxygen are gone (some of the argon will permeate as well, but it would be inefficient to completely remove it from the air stream).

Because of the permeation through the fibre wall, overpressure can occur inside the membrane housing. This would cause the fibres to clog and the permeation efficiency would be significantly lowered. To prevent this from happening, there is an opening in the housing, the Permeate Vent, where these ‘exhaust’ gases (including H2O, Oxygen and Argon) can escape.

Since the air factor is generally lower in PSA nitrogen generators, resulting in lower operating costs, you might think that choosing between the two would be straightforward. However, there are some notable advantages to using a membrane generator. Firstly, the simpler working principle of membrane generators reduces maintenance costs and results in a smaller footprint of the installation.

Membrane generators also start up faster and are much quieter than PSA generators, which typically have to cope with their blow-off noises at the end of each cycle. This last advantage makes a membrane nitrogen generator more suitable for places where there are a lot of people working.

When selecting the right type of nitrogen generator, it is wise to look at the application it will be used for, then consider the total package of advantages and disadvantages, before making a choice.

Proud Suppliers of Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generators

As part of Atlas Copco, we are able to supply an extensive range of advanced, high-quality products from the Atlas Copco portfolio to businesses across the UK. Atlas Copco is a leading manufacturer of reliable, high-purity, on-site nitrogen generators, offering effective and durable nitrogen solutions.

Ensuring your nitrogen generator operates efficiently

In addition to supplying a wide range of nitrogen generators to suit the needs of your business, Glaston also offers additional services to ensure your equipment operates efficiently and consistently, with minimal downtime. From initial nitrogen generator design and installation, through to nitrogen generator maintenance, and our expert nitrogen generator breakdown service, our team is here to help.

For more information about our range of products and services, or for a bespoke quote for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

PSA v Nitrogen Generation Infographic

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