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Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Not every operational environment requires 99.99% purity nitrogen generation. In fact, there are many applications, such as in the packaging of salad produce for example, where 98% pure nitrogen is perfectly sufficient. Membrane nitrogen generators are therefore more suitable for lower quality nitrogen production and intermittent use.

What is a membrane nitrogen generator?

Membrane nitrogen separation became commercially available in the early 1980s. It is the most robust of the nitrogen separation technologies. Compared to Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, membranes use more energy, but have lower maintenance costs. Membrane type nitrogen generators are best suited for purities up to approximately 99%, and nitrogen demand of up to around 600 Nm³/hr.

Oxygen and nitrogen in compressed air are separated by the relative speed of permeation through the side wall of hollow polymer fibres. Oxygen molecules permeate through the fibres faster than nitrogen molecules, enabling them to be selectively exhausted. Nitrogen gas purity increases as the flow proceeds down the fibres. Depending on the residence time in the membrane, nitrogen purity of better than 99.99% can be achieved. If you require higher purity levels, other separation technologies are more cost-effective.

Glaston’s expert engineers have many years’ experience in the design, supply, and maintenance of membrane type nitrogen generators in the UK. For more information about our complete range of products and services, or for a bespoke quote, please contact us today or speak to one of our advisers on 01695 51010.

Glaston can supply a wide range of membrane nitrogen generators, which are kinder to your pocket thanks to the dual advantages of minimal operating and maintenance expenses. Do away with the costs and logistical headaches involved with nitrogen processing, refills and deliveries by generating your own reliable nitrogen source. Speak to Glaston today to take back control of your nitrogen supply.

Membrane nitrogen generator features and benefits

  • Optimal purity range: 90% to 99.0%.
  • Optimal flow rate: 1-600 Nm³/h.
  • Cost advantage over vendor-supplied liquid: Up to 50%.

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