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PSA Nitrogen Generators

Do you really need 99.99% purity nitrogen generation? In many instances, the answer is no. In which case, you might be spending more than necessary on your nitrogen supply. However, if the answer is yes, then Glaston’s range of PSA nitrogen generators can ultimately make a positive impact on your bottom line.

What is a PSA nitrogen generator?

With a PSA nitrogen generator, the air is separated by compression on a bed of carbon molecular sieve (CMS), which preferentially adsorbs the oxygen. At the same time, in a second drum of CMS, the pressure is lowered, thus releasing the adsorbed oxygen which is exhausted. This bed of CMS, now denuded of oxygen, is again ready for a further compression cycle of adsorption.

Carbon molecular sieve has a much narrower range of pore openings than ordinary activated carbons. This allows small molecules, such as oxygen, to penetrate the pores and be separated from nitrogen molecules which are too large to enter the CMS. The larger molecules of nitrogen therefore bypass the CMS and emerge as the product gas.

At Glaston, our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers have considerable expertise in the design, supply, and maintenance of PSA nitrogen generators in the UK. For more information about our complete range of nitrogen generator products and services, or for a bespoke quote, please contact us today or speak to one of our advisers on 01695 51010.

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is cost-effective for on-site nitrogen generation at purities higher than 99%. With our PSA nitrogen generators, purities as high as 99.995% are achievable and, in high energy cost regions for lower purities, down to 97%. In other words, PSA nitrogen generators offer a flexible and affordable nitrogen supply solution. At Glaston, we can offer a full turnkey solution, including design, supply and maintenance.

PSA nitrogen generator features and benefits

  • Range Purity: 99% to 99.995%.
  • Flow rate: 1-1000 Nm³/h.
  • Cost advantage over vendor-supplied liquid: Up to 50%.

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