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Oil-free compressors in the pharmaceutical industry

Oil-free compressors are the go-to solution for generating compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry. The need for high air purity levels and a contaminate-free compressed air supply means the pharmaceutical industry traditionally has specialist requirements when it comes to selecting air compressors. Here, Glaston Compressor Services discusses how oil-free compressors are used in the pharmaceutical industry to adhere to these strict guidelines.

Use of compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical applications require a supply of compressed air that is extremely clean and dry, as well as being free from contaminants and oil. To achieve appropriate air purity levels, pharmaceutical industries require air compressors that offer specialised air treatments and adhere to industry regulations to ensure that debris, particulate and oil is removed.

Compressed air is used in a variety of pharmaceutical applications, such as conveying capsules, packaging, drug or dusting containers. Air compressors are also used within pharmaceutical manufacturing to supply factories with a steady supply of clean, breathable air. In order to generate a pure compressed air supply, businesses in the pharmaceutical industry will typically opt for oil-free compressors.

Why use oil-free air compressors in the pharmaceutical industry

Oil-free air compressors are vital component to pharmaceutical processes, particularly for manufacturing medicines and other products. Because compressed air across pharmaceuticals must be of the highest purity, oil-free compressors are used to ensure processes remain contamination free. As a result, this will prevent product recalls and costly downtime for pharmaceutical businesses. Oil-free compressors will contribute toward increased purity for tablet production, lower rejection rates for packaging applications and reduce the possibility of contamination in automated production lines.

Most pharmaceutical businesses utilise large oil-free compressors within their processes, perhaps with desiccant dryers fitted to guarantee a compressed air supply that is completely oil-free. However, in some cases, smaller oil-free air compressors might be used within individual pharmaceutical labs to perform specific tasks.

HPC oil-free air compressors for pharmaceutical applications

As UK official distributors for HPC compressors, Glaston can provide your pharmaceutical business with their complete range of high quality oil-free compressors. HPC KAESER oil-free compressed air systems can deliver 100% oil-free compressed air and are capable of high performance in the most adverse operating conditions. We can provide a variety for economical HPC oil-free compressors, including those integrated with i.HOC compressed air dryers for additional functionality.

To discuss your compressed air requirements, contact Glaston Compressor Services today on 01695 51010, email, or complete our contact form and our team will help match an oil-free compressed air system to suit your pharmaceutical business.

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