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State-of-the-art equipment for a fire and security product manufacturer

Glaston was approached by Ventcroft, who are the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of fire and safety products to design and install a variable speed compressor within their manufacturing facility. Ventcroft supplies competitive, high-quality cable and electronic products to a global client base in over 50 countries.

Established over 30-years ago the Runcorn based company Ventcroft have established a market-leading position through their continuous investment in world-class manufacturing equipment and product quality. By operating in this way, this enables Ventcroft to deliver the highest performance possible.

What the customer needed

Imagination, innovation and technical expertise are the cornerstones of Ventcroft. They work to supply products through wholesale distribution partners to ensure that they meet and exceed the end-users requirements.

As a result of this investment into the business, Ventcroft has benefited from substantial growth in recent years. This means that they have had to expand their existing manufacturing plant and inventory capabilities. In order to do this, Ventcroft purchased adjacent land and units to enable ongoing increased production to meet customer needs. As part of its growth plans, Ventcroft has had a purpose-built extension added to the manufacturing facility.

Ventcroft has made a considerable investment in its new state-of-the-art production facility that required state-of-the-art equipment. As a result of this, Ventcroft wanted to increase upgrade their old inefficient compressors. This is where Glaston came in.

What Glaston did

The team of expert engineers at Glaston understand that the advantage of upgrading these old and inefficient compressors was not only the increased efficiency of the air supply, which would save on running costs but also reduces the carbon footprint of the manufacturing facility. A HPC compressor was chosen to take the place of the existing 2 old and inefficient compressors. In line with reducing the carbon footprint and increased energy efficiency, this HPC compressor used the exhaust warmth from these compressors to heat the factory during the winter months which would work to save on gas heating costs.

The impressive production capabilities of Ventcroft are heavily reliant on a number of contributing factors. The most important contributing factor is the smooth and efficient operation of machinery on a day-to-day basis. The smooth and efficient operation of machinery enables them to achieve their ever-increasing production demands.

Glaston spoke to Andrew Seymour, the Engineering Manager at Ventcroft who wanted to invest in new compressed air equipment. Glaston recommended the HPC KAESER CSD105 SFC variable speed compressor. Due to the increase in production demand the facility required a larger compressor, dryer and filtres to maximise efficiency.

What happened as a result

The HPC KAESER CSD105 SFC compressor pushes the boundaries of compressed air efficiency as it delivers more compressed air for far less power consumption. This compressor system also combines ease of use with exceptional versatility. The HPC KAESER CSD105 SFC compressor also features an environmentally responsible design.

This variable-speed compressor system saves money in a variety of ways. The compressor end ends are equipped with flow-optimised SIGMA PROFILE rotors and are controlled and monitored via an industrial PC-based SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller. This design enables free air delivery to be precisely matched to meet the actual requirements of the compressed air demand which ensures maximum energy efficiency. The use of our super-premium efficiency IE4 motors boosts energy efficiency even further!

HPC KAESER compressors are known worldwide for delivering class-leading, low energy consumption compressors, which enables the lowest possible operating costs. Compressors by HPC KAESER are renowned throughout the industry for their reliability and resilience, whilst remaining quiet in operation and delivering low maintenance costs. HPC KAESER compressors are designed to operate at full load 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Area Sales Manager, Terry Corringham states “The HPC KAESER range of compressors are state of the art and the most energy-efficient equipment money can buy. Although not the cheapest in today’s market when benchmarked against competitors, they will repay the initial investment with year on year running cost savings over the compressor life.”

Mr Bamber from Ventcroft commented, “Glaston delivered a first-class service with their knowledge and expertise. We look forward to our current compressor providing a long and efficient life and look forward to working with Glaston for the foreseeable future.”

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