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If you need support with your air compressor, the Glaston Support Centre offers a wealth of troubleshooting tips and guidance. We’ve covered off everything from maintenance tips to guidance on selecting the right air compressor for your operations.

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HPC Sigma frequency controlled air compressor reduces energy costs for large plastics company

Glaston was approached by a large plastics company that serves many sectors nationwide, with a brief to reduce energy costs through a new compressed air system. The company specialises in high-performance fluoropolymer and “ceramic” nonstick coatings that are used for many varied applications. This includes food contact for cookware, bakeware and small electricals, decorative, high […]

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P-960-HPC-3-08 Compact Series Rotary Blowers

First introduced back in 2000, the revolutionary design of KAESER’s COMPACT series rotary blowers set the new standard for the entire blower sector. Logical component layout makes maintenance work simple, as all serviceable components and maintenance points on COMPACT series blowers are accessed from the front, whilst all pipe connections & ventilation openings are located […]

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P-074-HPC-10 Milking Tech Brochure

Maximum efficiency plays a key role in all rotary blower or vacuum pump applications and is achieved through using a blower block that is perfectly suited to the specific application and which produces the required vacuum or pressure. KAESER’s comprehensive range of three-lobe blower blocks ensures that there’s a highly efficient Omega blower to meet […]

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As the rotors turn, air in the inlet is trapped between the rotor lobes and the casing and is carried round to the outlet without being compressed. The casing bore toward the discharge port is slightly eccentric so that as the lobe approaches the port the gap between it and the casing begins to widen. […]

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HPC KAESER DBS-EBS-FBS Series Screw Blowers (P-970-HPC-1-17)

The rotors in KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s new DBS, EBS and FBS series screw blowers are descended from the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE and have been designed to meet the specialised needs associated with blower applications. So, just like their compressor counterparts, KAESER’s screw blowers deliver more air and more savings. Together, the blower airend and the premium […]

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HPC KAESER Blowers – Low Pressure Solutions (P-900-HPC-3-15)

As the intake air passes through the rotary blower’s fl ow chamber, its volume remains constant (isochoric process). Actual compression takes place outside of the blower block with the accumulation of the air mass taking place in the subsequent process. This “adaptive” compression always produces only the amount of pressure needed by the process. This […]

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HPC BB – FB Series Rotary Blower Packages Brochure (P-960-HPC-4-13)

KAESER “COMPACT” blowers are designed to incur minimal operating and maintenance costs and to ensure maximum reliability. Furthermore, blowers equipped with an integrated control system and star-delta starter, or frequency converter (for flexible speed control), significantly reduce the amount of work required for planning, installation, certification, documentation and commissioning. HPC BB – FB Series Rotary […]

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ASV-BSV-CSV Series – Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps (P-090-HPC-3-15)

As the most effi cient way to achieve a given drive power, KAESER use large, low speed rotary screw vacuum airends. This ensures that the specifi c power is always within the optimal range. Using a fl exible V-belt drive with automatic belt-tensioning, airend speed is precisely matched to suit the specifi c airend installed […]

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SX to HSD Series Brochure (P-650-ED-26-16_WEB) – March 2016

Developed by KAESER and continuously enhanced ever since, the KAESER SIGMA PROFILE achieves power savings of up to 15 percent compared with conventional screw airend rotor profi les. All KAESER rotary screw airends feature this energy-saving rotor profi le and are designed to ensure maximum energy effi ciency. The generously-sized, precision-aligned roller bearings and close-tolerance […]

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